Angry Parents Return Used Condom To 'Disrespectful' Guy Who "Got It On" At Their Daughter's House Party

Angry Parents Return Used Condom To ‘Disrespectful’ Guy Who “Got It On” At Their Daughter’s House Party

Angry Parents Return Used Condom To ‘Disrespectful’ Guy Who “Got It On” At Their Daughter’s House Party

    Talking to LadBible, a man who simply goes by Angus, recounted the story of how he came to receive a condom he’d parted ways with not twenty-four hours prior pushed through his letterbox by a friend of a friend’s parents, and his father found it… because that’s the sort of thing that happens nowadays apparently…

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    Having a house party can be a stressful thing if your parents are a little on the strict side, you can spend all night making sure that people don’t spill drinks on the carpet and keeping people from being sick on the driveway… oh, and ensuring no one leaves a used condom in the bathroom for them to find, that’s a pretty big one.

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    Angus confessed he was a little tipsy at a party being held for a friend of a friend. However, the party apparently seemed to be going better for Angus than for most as he managed to get lucky in the bathroom at one point in the evening – yes it’s a classy move, but hey, at least he used protection I guess? Angus also claims ‘[he] made sure not to make a mess and put everything in the bin and thought nothing more of it.’

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    When he returned back home the next morning (no less than a 40 minute drive away), he had little knowledge that his exploits were hot in pursuit.

    Yes, the parents of the person who’s house it had been, (whom Angus had even himself been talking to on the night and even described them as ‘decent people’) having found the discarded rubber decided to package the lubricated nuisance (great band name), drive to his house and post it through his door for being disrespectful – along with this letter:

    (Credit: LadBible)

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    Apparently Angus had been contacted saying that the caring hosts had something to return to him, so he sent over his address, only to find that the item in question which they drove 40 minutes to thoughtfully deliver, was… well, a familiar used condom.

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