Anti-Vax Mom Has Sickening Response After Her 19 Year-Old Daughter Chooses To Be Vaccinated

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Their critics say that they have fallen prey to junk pseudoscience, and are concerned with the movement's impact on society as a whole.

A comment thread from one particular anti-vax mom has gone viral after being picked up on Reddit.

The thread features the mom in question expressing her sorrow that her daughter, now 19, chose to go to the doctors and get the vaccines that she missed as a kid due to her mom's beliefs. A bunch of her contacts commented expressing sympathy for what, at least in their minds, was a sad thing to happen.

Nothing that unusual among an anti-vax community thread, you might think. However, this one turned particularly nasty, as you'll see further down the thread.

Of course, a rational person might ask what exactly they were so upset about, given that the doctor obviously deemed that the young lady needed these vaccinations.

This aversion to established medical wisdom becomes apparent in some of the other comments:

"A doc really has to be a little insane to inject so much in one day, eh?" ...or, you know, medically trained for almost a decade before becoming a qualified medical professional, and acting in their patient's best interests.

A few people asked what specific vaccinations had been carried out, to which she responded:


FYI, HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection, and is responsible for about 90% of anal and cervical cancers. But I guess mom thought she should've taken the risk.

It's genuinely shocking that someone would wish illness or harm upon the child of this mom, just to 'teach her a lesson' about vaccines.

What's even more infuriating is that the mom quickly agreed with the both of them.


As you can probably imagine, the condemnation on the Reddit thread about that was pretty much universal.

The top comment in this next picture sums up perfectly how I felt about this story:

I'm not a scientist, and those of you who are fans know I usually don't like to weigh in political issues. I'm speaking on a purely human level here - politics aside, how can you bring yourself to make a comment like that about your own daughter?

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