ASOS Under Fire For Pricey, Nearly-Nude "Cling Film" Pants And "Bubble Wrap" Dress

ASOS Under Fire For Pricey, Nearly-Nude “Cling Film” Pants And “Bubble Wrap” Dress

ASOS Under Fire For Pricey, Nearly-Nude “Cling Film” Pants And “Bubble Wrap” Dress

    In the world of fashion one day you’re in and the next day you’re out…

    fashion fail GIF

    But the day when you’re “out” CANNOT come quickly enough for these transparent pieces…

    (Image Credit: ASOS)

    I absolutely cannot imagine an occasion when these would be necessary or appropriate?! This garment treads an awe-inspiring line of a complete lack of functionality coupled with an eye-scaldingly poor aesthetic. Truly, astounding stuff.

    (Image Credit: ASOS)

    Oh hang on, I think I get the point of these trousers now… If (unlike this poor model) you happen to have a particularly fancy, frilly pair of knickers that you are unusually proud of these bad boys allow you to showcase them! Sure, you could just wander out in your panties and get locked up for indecent exposure, but where would be the fun in that?

    Where would the style be, in that?! If you’re going to get arrested for booty-baring you may as well look “on-trend” doing it.

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    One ASOS shopper made the particularly astute observation that farting in these trousers would cause them to fog up. And though that wasn’t our first thought… We see what they mean…

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    Still, the pants have pockets! Pockets that will make visible the keys, tampon and crusty lip balm you always carry with you, but still! Any woman knows, that makes these pantaloons worth their weight in gold.. although come to think of it, there’s not a whole lot of weight to these gossamer atrocities.