Aussie Farmers Crazy Rant About A Vegan Protester Who Told Him Lettuce Has A Heartbeat


Vegans - are they going too far? Probably, but we aren't allowed to say anything about it because it might hurt their feelings and they'll throw stuff at us. It is getting a bit out of hand though, isn't it? I mean, I love animals, and I'm all for people believing what they believe in but... some people out there just take it way, waaaay too far.

'the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners charity'. 

And somebody who learned this the hard way recently is this incredibly angry Australian grazier - a grazier is someone who rears cows, just FYI - and he is 100% sick of their cr*p.

So much so, that he has now gone viral hitting out against vegan protestors in a bizarre (yet hilarious) rant during which he claims that one activist actually had the audacity to tell him that lettuce, does, in fact, have a heartbeat.

Despite all the incredible work he does for the community, Farrell says that he has received a plethora of angry phone calls from vegans who completely disagree with not only his job but also his way of life.

"I am just gobsmacked with some of the bullsh*t that's coming out these people's mouths on what they are trying to achieve."

During the strange video, Farrell attacked the recent protests that have been taking place as abattoirs all across New South Wales and Queensland, as well as all the protestors who chained themselves to vehicles in Melbourne's Central Business District this passing Monday.

Luckily for everyone else across the globe, Farrell then decided to post the video of his glorious rant to Facebook (because let's be honest, if you rant on video and you don't post is to Facebook, then did you even rant at all!?). In the video, he said;

"Some people have just got no bloody idea. None."


Honestly, though, the one thing we can be pretty freakin' sure about is the fact that lettuces definitely do not have heartbeats. That's something we can probably all agree on... at least, I bloomin' hope that it is!

"Next door neighbor's running lamb at the moment. Bet you he is licking his chops too at Christmas time. Fair Dinkum,"

Whilst, yes, this is a bit of fun, the protests truly have been causing quite the stir out in Australia. 39 people were actually arrested in Melbourne alone the other day! And then nine more were arrested by the NSW police after they resorted to chaining themselves to a conveyor belt at an abattoir.

"I'm expecting state governments - as I'm sure they will - to do their jobs,"

"I'm expecting state governments - as I'm sure they will - to do their jobs,"

I, for one, am kinda thankful that Vegan's keep doing all these weird, wild, crazy stands against the evil meat eaters of the world... I may be out of a job otherwise.

What do you think folks? Do you think vegans really are going too far and spiraling out of control or do you agree with their actions because after all, they're only standing up for what they believe in, right? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to share this with your friends and family... they'll get a good ole laugh out of it if nothing else! AAx