Babies Try Sour Foods For The First Time And Their Reactions Are HILARIOUS

Babies Try Sour Foods For The First Time And Their Reactions Are HILARIOUS

Babies Try Sour Foods For The First Time And Their Reactions Are HILARIOUS

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Babies, they may be a bit of a pain and make us want to pull our hair out sometimes but 80% of the time they are ridiculously adorable, and not to mention, hilarious… whether they know it or not.

One of the most hilarious things babies can do, unbeknownst to them, is the way they react whenever they try new things. Especially when encountering a particularly surprising and unexpected flavor, such as, let’s say… an incredibly sour lemon?

Well lucky for you, some wonderful person out there has put together the most hilariously adorable video compilation of babies doing just that! And I promise you will not regret watching it… take a look at the preview pictures below if you don’t believe me.

Start your weekend off right!

Why momma? why would you do this to me!?

The look of ULTIMATE betrayal. I ain’t ever eating anything you give me again!

I am now questioning every life decision I have ever made… during me incredibly short life.

Goodness GRACIOUS what the heck was THAT!?

Waiiiiit a minute… this isn’t CANDY!

I really need to start double checking what I put in my mouth! BLERRCHH.

Do I look impressed to you? NOT funny. I won’t forget this.

OOOOOO so SOUR! But… I think I kinda liked it. More, please!

Wait, was that lemon also laced with tequila? Oh BOY!


What did I tell you? Adorable right!? Well just think how even more adorable the video is! Well, you can find it at the bottom of this article, just keep scrolling!


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Watch the hilarious full video here:

I wasn’t wrong, was I!? I can practically see the huge smile on your face from here! Have you ever tried this challenge with your own kids? If not I’d definitely recommend it… they may not forgive you right now but they’ll definitely see the funny side when they’re 18… Maybe. Don’t forget to tag and share this with all your friends and family and put a smile on their faces too! And have a great weekend!