Barber Is Shown Video Of Desired Haircut, Misunderstands And Shaves 'Play' Sign Into Customer's Head

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A pretty smart hairdo, albeit a very common one these days. It should have been pretty straightforward for the barber to pull this one off, but...

It didn't go as the customer might have liked.

That's right - in one of the funniest misunderstandings I've seen in a long time, the barber took one look at the picture and thought 'oh okay, he wants a triangle shaved into the side of his head.

As most of the rest of the world will be able to see, the triangle in question was just the play icon on the paused video that the customers had come into the shop with.

While the rest of the haircut doesn't look that bad, there's simply no coming back from the fact that he now has a play icon shaved into the side of his head, which will be there for at least a couple of weeks.

The customer posted it to his (Chinese social media site) Weibo account, and it's since gone viral, racking up thousands of likes and shares.

Either the barber needs to go to the opticians, or he saw an opportunity and ran with it. Either way, I doubt he'll be going back there!

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