Bear Splashes Around With Joy After Being Rescued From Torturous Bile Farm

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Although, it is a bit of a double edged sword because it's usually pretty horrid to think about the fact that they needed rescuing in the first place. Unfortunately this world isn't made up entirely of animal lovers.

In fact, there are people out there, even whole countries who don't seem to share any affection for other species.

In China, there are lots of examples of 'traditional medicine' that use various parts of a number of now-endangered animals for supposed health benefits.

In this particular case, this bear has been rescued from a bile from. "What's a bile farm?" I hear you say. Well, first of all their pretty freakin' vile so prepare yourself...

The idea of a bile farm started out in North Korea a few decades ago with the purpose of keeping bears in tiny cages and harvesting their bile, which is a digestive fluid produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder. It's used for traditional Chinese medicine and regardless of the debatable health benefits it provides, the conditions these bears are forced to live in are pretty horrendous.

At least 10,000 bears are thought to currently be hostage in bile farms across China and another 1,000 in Vietnam.

The process itself is said to be incredibly painful for the beasts, to the point that they have been found slamming their heads against the side of the cage, clawing the bars and in extreme cases chewing off their own limbs.

(Image Credit: The Dodo)

The bear in the video is called Tuffy and after spending years trapped in a cage, with little to no access to water and food he was severely debilitated and close to death. His gallbladder was so heavily damaged, it had to be surgically removed. The poor thing!

(Image Credit: AnimalsAsia)

But having been freed and given a fresh chance at life at Animals Asia's Vietnam sanctuary, he is now experiencing just how wonderful life can really be beyond a barred prison.

(Video Credit: Animals Asia)

Tuffy loved being outside so much and splashing around, he refused to go inside. And d'you know what? I think he should be left alone to do whatever he feels like.

Fortunately, steps are being taken to move away from the atrocious bile harvesting process in Vietnam and South Korea, but in China the trade is still at large.

Whilst the bigger picture is still very much a somber one, at least we can enjoy watching Tuffy jumping for sheer joy whilst we have the knowledge that he will never be locked away again.

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