14 Comparison Photos Reveal Shocking Differences Between Beauty Products Now And 100 Years Ago


Humans seem to have an obsession with constantly looking better and as young as possible, not that I have ever understood it, I think I'm pretty perfect already?! You should all think that you are too!

However, it seems many of us strive for impossible perfection on a daily basis with the average beauty morning routine lasting 76 minutes! Modern technology has sped up the standard beauty routine but clearly not enough, although I would much prefer that than what the past generations had to put up with!

Let's take a look at how beauty routines have changed throughout the years and maybe we should all start spending a lot less time in the bathroom...

1.) The hair dryer looked like a torture device

Okay...what?! Why on Earth would you ever want to dry your hair in that disturbing hair bag thing? It looks like it would leave your hair dry and smelling kind of...funky. I'm glad we can now enjoy the convenience of a regular hairdryer.

2.) Beauty masks then and now...

Back in the day, they took face masks much more literally...they would actually put blocks of ice or vegetables on their face! They definitely looked much less pretty than they look today with our fancy gold masks.

3.) Stationary hair dryers haven't changed much

The design may look much fancier now but they really haven't changed it much from back in the day! Not every beauty invention was that insane then...

4.) Hairstyling is no longer traumatic

I don't know how anyone actually willingly sat down and had that horrifying contraption attached to their head whenever they wanted a certain style. Thankfully, now we can do it ourselves and it doesn't look like its designed to kill the human race.

5.) Vintage mascara compared to now

5.) Vintage mascara compared to now

It looks like mascara hasn't really changed too much either which is pretty awesome. I almost prefer the old-school vintage look of the original mascaras and I never thought I would say that!

6.) The anti-cellulite machine was much more DIY back in the day

If we want to reduce cellulite nowadays we can just turn on a machine and let technology do its magic. However, back in the day you kind of just had to do the work yourself with a weird strap contraption... looks a lot more fun though!

7.) Indoor tanning has come a long way...

I mean, back in the day it looked a lot more practical, you could just chill in bed reading a book and get tanned by a giant lamp. I doubt the coverage was that even though so the modern-day tanning beds are a lot better...

8.) Hair straightening used to be insane

I genuinely thought that the first picture must be a joke, they used to literally IRON hair in order to get it straight, the thought alone stresses me out. It is much less damaging now with hair straighteners.

9.) Instant fake tan then and now

Back in the day, you had to have a professional apply fake tan with a special machine and it was a pretty long process. Now, we can just do it at home with tanning creams and try not to mess it up too much!

10.) Lipstick cases were much cooler

Old school lipstick cases were much more extravagant, this one of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is just awesome. Now our lipstick cases are just boring...

11.) Dental braces were much worse on the other hand...

I feel so sorry for anyone who ever had to suffer wearing braces like this. They actually look scary! Thankfully, braces are much more subtle these days and no one will get self-conscious wearing them.

12.) Pore drainage used to be very scary

Yes, these drainage things are gross anyway but that scary mask makes it even worse! It makes what was already not a particularly pleasant experience, a horrifying and traumatic one...

13.) Plastic surgery was a lot less glamorous

Plastic surgery was a much longer process back in the day with patients having to wear strange contraptions on their face. Nowadays you go in for surgery and come out with a brand spanking new face! As simple (and expensive) as that!

14.) Rhinoplasty was much less effective...

14.) Rhinoplasty was much less effective...

To make any physical changes, you used to have to wear a lot of strange things on your face, thankfully, now you can undergo a quick surgery without having to look like a crazy person for weeks on end...

So, what do you think about the lengths we go for beauty and how much our methods have changed? Is any of it really worth it?! I know I feel like I look pretty freakin' good naturally... AAx