The Best April Fools Pranks Of 2017!


owl by themselves and that it never gets hawk-ward

Wilko even made a press release for their "new product":

Complete with mini-jets for a truly relaxing spa(rrow) experience, this is the perfect way to attract beautiful British birds into your garden and allow them to play, splash and wash. The flow of bubbles mean it will never freeze in cold weather, offering fresh drinking water all year round - creating an eye-catching centrepiece for any outdoor space.

Priced at an affordable £25, plans are already underway to release a bird-friendly bubble bath later this year – the ultimate pampering for your feathered friends.

Neil Fairhurst, Pet Buyer at Wilko, commented: 'We’ve got a soft spot for wild birds here at Wilko and know our customers love to make the most of their outdoor space to encourage natural wildlife into their gardens. Hot tubs are the centrepiece for many British gardens, but why should they be reserved for humans? Birds deserve bubbles, too!'"

12. And a whole new species to finish up!

"BBC TV wildlife expert Michaela Strachan and marine wildlife charity ORCA have confirmed the existence of a sea creature sporadically spotted in the Newcastle area - the Northern Tusked Porpoise, long considered a myth since the sightings began in 2009. The pink-hued porpoise is the first of its kind to be captured on film and was spotted in the Port of Tyne in Newcastle by a passenger on a DFDS ferry." - ORCA, a marine wildlife charity.