The Big Bang Theory To Return Without Sheldon, Penny, Or Leonard?

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Show runner Steve Molaro has suggested the worst idea possible, which could quite possibly kill the show. Steve has suggested that the show could possibly continue without the terrible three, Leonard, Penny, and Sheldon. Everybody remain calm!

Steve has also suggested that the show could carry on without all of it's current cast. Taking Leonard, Penny, and Sheldon away is one thing, but all of them? I think my heart is breaking at the thought.

When Steve was asked how long the show would last after removing the three main cast members he seemed quite sheepish. 'It’s not really for me to put a number on it and worry about that stuff.'

Until any further news Steve and the other writers on the show plan to write scripts for the show as normal. Steve suggested that they'd just deal with any contract terminations as and when they happen.

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