Big Brother Couple Grace Adams-Short And Mikey Dalton Are STILL Together 11 Years Later

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Big Brother 7

Grace is probably best known for throwing a glass of water in fellow housemate Suzie' Verrico's face. The two had been in disagreement ever since she voted Grace for eviction from the house. Due to her actions, Grace then held the title of "most hated contestant of all time"!

On the other hand, Mikey had a very different approach and kept a pretty low profile during his time on the show, apart from being a bit of a flirt when it came to Imogen.

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However, it was Mikey and Grace who ended up becoming an item during their time spent at the Big Brother house, and they carried on dating after they were both evicted.

A church in Plymouth was their chosen wedding venue in 2009, and they even have two kids together.

As for what they're up to now, the couple have decidedly stepped away from the limelight and have instead each set up their very own businesses.

Mikey is now the owner of an advertising company, and Grace has her own dance school.

It does sound like a bit of a nightmare, but Grace seems to be trying to take it all in her stride despite the embarrassment.

Mikey and Grace are far from the only ex-Big Brother stars to wave goodbye to their time spent in the spotlight.

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