Here Is What Big Brother 7 Housemates Are Up To 13 Years Later

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Grace is probably best known for throwing a glass of water in fellow housemate Suzie' Verrico's face. The two had been in disagreement ever since she voted Grace for eviction from the house. Due to her actions, Grace then held the title of "most hated contestant of all time"!

On the other hand, Mikey had a very different approach and kept a pretty low profile during his time on the show, apart from being a bit of a flirt when it came to Imogen.

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However, it was Mikey and Grace who ended up becoming an item during their time spent at the Big Brother house, and they carried on dating after they were both evicted.

A church in Plymouth was their chosen wedding venue in 2009, and they even have two kids together.

As for what they're up to now, the couple have decidedly stepped away from the limelight and have instead each set up their very own businesses.

Mikey is now the owner of an advertising company, and Grace has her own dance school.

It does sound like a bit of a nightmare, but Grace seems to be trying to take it all in her stride despite the embarrassment.

Mikey and Grace are far from the only ex-Big Brother stars to wave goodbye to their time spent in the spotlight.

Season 7 of the show also stared some other now famous faces and some that have fallen out of the spotlight.

Imogen Thomas

Imogen turned a lot of heads in the house with her pretty face and other features she rarely failed to display.

The brunette beauty had previously held the title of Miss Wales before she entered the world of reality television.

In 2011 it was revealed the model had a six-month affair with Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs.

Now 34 years old, Imogen has welcomed her second daughter Siera with partner Adam Horsley.

The couple are already parents to three-year-old Ariana.

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

After finishing her appearance in Big Brother series 7, Aisleyne git the party scene hard. Since then she can only be described as having enjoyed a varied career.

As a glamour model, the blonde stripped off for a catalogue of lads' mags including Zoo and Nuts.

She also recently had a bit of a spat with American reality star Farrah Abraham after the pair appeared on the panel for Big Brother's Bit on the Side.

Aisleyne was charged with assault over the incident where the pair are alleged to have thrown champagne glasses, but the charge was later dropped.

Glyn Wise

Glen is best remembered for his thick Welsh accent and his eye for the ladies. The Welsh national entered the house as a fresh-faced 18-year-old swimming pool lifeguard.

He actually came runner up in the show and won the nation's heart as he experienced cooking for the first time and learnt how to wash his own clothes.

Last year Glyn stood as Plaid Cymru's candidate in Cardiff Central. Unfortunately he failed to win a seat.

Nikki Grahame

Who could forget Nikki. The petite blond was known for her dramatic tantrums and grimacing face. She also became famous for her meltdown rant in which she screamed "Who IS she?" line in the diary room, as she ranted about fellow housemate Susie Verrico.

She used her fame from the show to launch for a prolonged career in reality television and even her own show, Princess Nikki, where the star, now 35, would tackle unpleasant tasks on a regular basis.

Nikki also had a brief relationship with Pete Bennett.

Pete Bennett

Pete actually won the series despite his unusual mannerisms. Pete charmed the nation with his eccentric nature and quirky personality.

Since leaving the show, Pete has had a number of ups and downs. He has been a member of a few bands before appearing on The Jeremy Kyle Show to admit he was homeless after becoming hooked on the drug ketamine.

Luckily the former star, who has Tourette's syndrome, managed to find the help he needed.

He also married a girl called Gemma Costin, but the marriage only lasted six months before he filed for divorce.

He's now working on trying to carve out an acting career.

"Entrepreneur, Homeless Campaigner, Boxer, Family Man & Big Brother Housemate."

Sezer Yurtseven

Taking part in white collar boxing matches Sezer has buffed up since his time on TV.

He recently spent five days sleeping rough outside on the streets of London to raise money for charity and often posts pictures of himself helping out at food shelters.

Lea Walker

Lea had a background in the adult movie industry. As well as making Glenn drool around the pool, she also found her BFF in Richard Newman.

The pair then went on to host a show together on Gaydar Radio called The Dick and Dolly Show.

Lea, who once claimed to have Britain's biggest boobs, subsequently spoke up and wrote a book about suffering from BDD Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Richard Newman

Richard spent two years hosting radio shows on Gaydar Radio, interviewing the likes of Gail Porter, Alan Carr and Kim Wilde.

At 43, he now bills himself as a travel and lifestyle journalist having written for a variety of publications.

Michael Cheshire

Michael made the headlines when he appeared on ITV's Judge Rinder, after he failed to pay back a £2,475 loan from former co housemate Aisleyne.

She had said that her former pal took the money and instead of paying her back continued to travel around the world.

"Instead of seeing each other we started emailing each other. I don't call that friendship."

"Instead of seeing each other we started emailing each other. I don't call that friendship."

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