Blind Golden Retriever Gets His Own Adorable Little Guide Dog And They Are Both Incredible


Dog's are, let's face it, amazing. They're cute, cuddly, loyal.... did I say cute already? They're just great, and in a lot of cases, they're very useful to have around too. For example, the use of service animals and guide dogs is increasing every day... and not just for humans.


Allow me to explain...

A couple named Chelsea and Adam Stipe, who hail from Mooresville in North Carolina are the proud owners of an 11-year-old retriever named Charlie, and they've had him since he was just a teeny tiny fluffy little puppy.

Back in 2016, however, poor little Charlie the dog had to have his left eye removed due to a terrible bout of glaucoma, which was causing the little cutie a great deal of discomfort. To add insult to injury, a year later, Charlie's right eye was then removed for the exact same reason.

She explained:

That way, the baby could grow up with the puppy, which is just honestly my absolute dream.

Everything has just been so positive and loving and I’ve even had people reaching out about their dogs who had glaucoma."

Well folks, on New Year’s Day of this year, the happy family welcomed a lively new family member - a labrador pup named Maverick... which to me is literally the coolest name for a puppy ever.

Truth be told, Charlie wasn’t too sure about the new pint-sized addition at first, however, the old boy retriever eventually got used to his energetic, furry little housemate. In more ways than one... and both Chelsea and Adam are SO glad he did.

You see, Chelsea explained how after a while, she began to notice that the adorable little Maverick started to voluntarily support his older big brother Charlie and would help him out when he struggled due to his blindness.

Seriously though... HOW cute is that? Can you even stand it!? Because I 100% cannot.

She described:


The  original post read:

Obviously, as often happens with incredible stories on the internet, the post about Charlie and Maverick very quickly went viral with over 72,000 shares and an insane (but well deserved) 322,000 likes at the current time of writing, and since then Chelsea has blessed us all by setting the adorable little pair up with their very own Instagram account.

Well, one thing is for sure, Charlie and Maverick are absolute, 100% completely and utterly deserving of all their attention, if not more of it; they make the perfect team!

No worries, I'll give you a minute to stop crying... okay, all good? Great. Let me know what you think about Charlie and Maverick, or if you know any other dogs who have their very own adorable little guide dogs then let me know in the comments immediately! And don't forget to share this with all your friends and family in order to pass on the unbridled joy these two cheeky chaps will undoubtedly bring to all who see them! x