Blogger Tries Eating Octopus ALIVE To Gain More Followers – Octopus Takes Glorious Revenge


It seems that nowadays people will do anything for attention on the internet, and one vlogger in Lianyungang, China has taken this to new extremes as she tried to eat an octopus alive… and thankfully failed quite spectacularly when the octopus attacked her back!

(Source: YouTube)

The girl who reportedly goes by the name ‘Seaside Girl Little Seven’ attempted to eat the rather large octopus alive while live on camera in order to gain more attention to her online profile; however, the octopus had other ideas and executed some of the most instant acting karma I think I’ve ever seen cutting the freakin’ heartless girls face with its tentacles as she cried for help.

As the octopus latched to her face and tried to, quite rightly, defend itself from the idiot attempting to eat it, the vlogger screamed constantly that it was ‘painful’ and that she couldn’t get it off.

(Source: YouTube)

Once she finally got it off her face, she proceeded to whine about how it had cut her, claiming that her face is now ‘disfigured’, when in reality she had gotten off very lightly from the incident, considering what she was up against!

She was left with a single tiny cut on her cheek, which she freakin’ deserved for trying to torture an animal that had done nothing to her!

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Her previous live shows have shown her eating a variety of seafood and talking – because apparently, that’s what constitutes as entertainment these days, may God have mercy on our society; but, obviously not content with the amount of traction her posts were getting she thought she’d try to violently and inhumanely kill an innocent animal… how have we freakin’ gotten here as a species?

I guess she has gotten the popularity that she wanted… however, the reception has been savagely negative. with such responses as:

‘Instant karma. Wonderful’ – anna saunders

‘Why would you torture the octopus like that??? I think you just got what you deserved!’ – Elena D

‘Good…. hope it eats her whole face next time.’ – Rob A

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It’s disgusting that nowadays people feel that an easy way to achieve ‘fame’ is to do something as shocking as this; but, those people rarely understand that fame like this is fleeting and can negatively impact the rest of your life, ’cause if you can count on something, it’s that the internet is very rarely forgiving!

Give it a week or so and this evil person will be largely forgotten and hopefully, people will start to realize that trying to achieve ‘fame’ in this way is demeaning and pathetic. If you want people to pay attention to you, go and do something amazing, achieve something which will make people take notice for the right reasons.

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People eating live octopuses is not a rare occurrence either sadly, in fact in areas of South Korea eating live octopus is considered a delicacy as you can feel the living thing squirming down your throat.

How, I freakin’ ask you, are we not past this sort of barbaric unnecessary nonsense as a planet? Putting living things through such unnecessary pain for nothing more than a fleeting sensation is seriously messed up!

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Do you think that she got what she deserved? Or would you consider eating live octopus? Let me know in the comments below! AAx