20 Hilarious Boat Names That Are ‘Knot’ To Be Taken Seriously


1.) Perfect boat for the apocalypse

I mean, he isn’t wrong, as far as I’m aware zombies can’t swim. Looking at all the apocalypses and zombie virus outbreaks we’ve been having recently, this boat is the perfect safe haven! Looks like we should all start thinking about buying ourselves a boat…

2.) The fastest boat you’ve ever seen

I love how this person had enough disposable income to buy a boat but not enough to hire a professional to do a proper sign for their boat. Shows how you can do anything with duct tape! Anyway, this boat better be fast or its name is pointless.

3.) Asking for it

This person has DEFINITELY jinxed themselves with this boat name. If they didn’t sink because of a rock or an iceberg I will be VERY disappointed.

4.) Tempting Fate

This is brave. Also, why is it called “Unsinkable II”? What happened to “Unsinkable I”? If it sunk then this guy really does need to think of a new boat name.

5.) The best boat ever

This is adorable and is definitely a boat that I could get on board with (get it?) However, it only really makes sense when the pugs are on the boat. Unless they live on the water like water pugs or something.

6.) Making the best of a bad situation

At least if you’re going to sink, you can go down laughing! This is probably the best boat name ever.

7.) Catchy…

This owner must be planning to have his boat out of the water more than in the water. The joke wouldn’t make much sense otherwise…

8.) The boat of puns

If you have no idea what to name your boat, why not just expression your indecision with a pun and name it that instead? You name the boat, everyone laughs, you win at life.

9.) Not gross at all

I’m sure this guy gets all the ladies with a bold name like that. It kind of does ruin what was once a sophisticated looking boat though…

10.) I THINK I get it

This boat name is reaching just a tiny bit too far. “Eggs-ta-sea” sounds a LITTLE bit like the drug but I’m not sure why you would want to name your boat after that anyway. Weird.

11.) Simple but effective

I think this boat name has to be one of my favourites, it’s just so effective! If I EVER think of a name that clever, you can guarantee that I would definitely be getting that plastered on the side of my boat forevermore.

12.) Not a bad deal

Yes, she may have got a house that is on stable ground and easy to sell. However, he got a boat which can make ANYWHERE with water it’s home, cold sink at any moment and repels people with seasickness. I think we all know who’s the real winner here.

13.) The only way anyone can afford a boat

Let’s be honest, how DO these people have so much disposable income that they can splash the cash on a boat? I think this guy is just telling people the truth of how he afforded it. I wonder if he ever gets pulled over by police…

14.) The classic

Yes, we’ve probably all heard and seen this boat name before. However, have you ever seen it with a cartoon fish smoking a cigar and holding a gun? I think not. This classic never gets old.

15.) No thank you

This one is just too cheesy for words. I really do hate this name with a passion. This isn’t even funny, it’s OFFENSIVELY cheesy.

16.) Sassy boat

This is such a bad boat name that it’s actually brilliant. It’s also really sassy. This boat doesn’t want to be looked at. Don’t make it feel uncomfortable.

17.) Wealth is just an illusion

The wealthy boat is the illusion and the REALITY is that if it sinks, a cheap lifeboat is going to be the one that saves everyone.

18.) His surname is Grey

You kind of need to know that this guy’s surname is Grey in order to get the joke. Also, he looks pretty sunburnt and red to me. He might want to rethink this boat name…

19.) Makes sense

Not sure why this boat is named that, I think he just wanted the name to be as vulgar as possible. I don’t mind though as puns are life and this is one good pun.

20.) Wait for it…do you get it yet?

This is one of those names that you need to say quickly before you get it. It’s not the type of name that you’ll understand if the boat is whizzing by fast! At least that guy looks impressed.

Do you think these boat names are worthy? Did they make you laugh? All I want is enough money to be able to buy a boat in the first place…