Badly Botched Eyebrow Job Leaves Student Looking Like A Disney Villain


21-year-old Caron MacLeod took to Twitter to blast a beautician who did her eyebrows and left her looking like a certain children's TV villain.

Well-defined eyebrows are essentially a must-have if you are planning on being anywhere near social media in this day and age. 

With people like Cara Delevingne parading their fancy-schmancy, perfectly sculpted eye-socket hats across the internet, most people opt for a professional approach over the simple home-brew tweezer method that I had to favor growing up.

Where my over-plucking ladies at?? I was lucky to have any eyebrows left after high school!

However, the internet also plays host to a whole treasure trove of pictures of people's botched eyebrows that make you think, 'Oh thank god it wasn't me!' And with that in mind, I present you with Caron's eyebrows...

(Source: Twitter)

The furious tweet has since garnered over 3,000 likes, proving that there really is no other quicker way to Twitter's heart than through human suffering. No one has confirmed whether the beautician who did the procedure actually was blind, but it's a miracle that Caron didn't end up blind after this!

Clearly, the beautician interprets tint and wax a little differently to the rest of the planet. I mean, aside from the obvious, they're not even straight! If you're going to do that to someone, at least make it straight! It looks like she's ever so slightly in a permanent state of giving the eye to someone.

The internet leapt to her aid in its typically kind, considerate, and sympathetic manner with several tweets comparing Caron to one of the Internet's favorite meme machines, Lazytown's Robbie Rotten...

(Source: Twitter)

Robbie Rotten (a children's TV Show character) is one of the internet's favorite characters for reasons that only the illusive council of viral meme adjudicators can attest to, but his plasticky hair and eyebrows mean this character certainly isn't a comparison you want to be drawn to... especially in terms of style! 

Some other Twitter users shared in Caron's pain, and showed off their own unfortunate eyebrow mishaps!

(Source: Twitter)

I can't tell if Jessica (pictured above) is shocked at what has happened to her, or if she's grown accustomed to it but that's just her permanent expression these days?! Christ knows where that beautician trained, I think I could probably do better with a sharpie, and some Just For Men dye!

Fair play to Caron though, as she didn't want to name and shame the salon who had left her looking like the elastic TV villain. The salon did even offer to fix the mistake, however, Caron turned down the offer (would you trust them again after you'd been parading their errors on social media?) instead she opted to scrub them down and whip them into shape herself!

Our thoughts and prayers are with Caron in her endeavors to fix the brow mishap, as funny as these things are, I cannot imagine how annoyed I would be... and having a furrowed brow really isn't going to help things!

Caron is fortunate that her brow-tastrophe is able to be fixed so easily, as the same cannot be said for people who end up having botched microblading incidents! 

In case you aren't aware of microblading, a professional (you hope) will use a super thin blade to slice in ink into your eyebrow which will essentially tattoo in fuller eyebrows... this, however, can end up with some terrible results.

One of these unfortunate people was Jami Ledbetter, who ended up with four eyebrows as a result of a microblading mishap!

(Source: LB)

Jami ended up having to locate an expert tattoo artist who helped her to remove and fix the eyebrows as much as she could... so Caron should really count herself lucky that she could just sort her eyebrows without the need for needles!

Have you ever experienced a beautician calamity to rival Caron's, let me know in the comments below if you're brave enough! Also, be sure to tag anyone you know who's been on the receiving end of a bad brow-job!