BREAKING: Joe Biden Formally Announces Bid To Challenge Trump For Presidency


Joe Biden has formally entered the 2020 race to be president.

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The Daily Mail reports that Joe Biden has entered the 2020 presidential race.

Joe Biden is no stranger to the White House or its head honcho inhabitants. Biden has been eyeing the position of president for almost a generation and Thursday morning he made his intentions to strike for the position absolutely clear.

Acting as vice-president under Barack Obama, Biden has become a hugely familiar name in US politics. As a seventy-six-year-old man, it is arguable that this will be Biden's last attempt for the position (I know I couldn't start at a new job at that freakin' age!) it will also be interesting to see how the younger generation reacts to this man of advanced years in his presidential pledge...

Joe Biden made his intentions to run for president clear in this video, which he posted to Twitter...

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Biden sights, "The core values of this nation… our standing in the world… our very democracy...everything that has made America" as the reasons he is running for the presidency.

Clearly, this guy wants to uphold the traditions he believes make the United States the great nation it is. Which is truly commendable.

However, recent claims have been made that Biden touched women in an over-familiar manner. Whilst Biden claims he will be more "mindful" of other people's personal space, this news item may prove a difficult one to navigate, especially with a majoritively liberal youth.

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It remains to be seen what will come of Biden's bid! The USA has been through some seriously tricky politics in recent times! People seem more divided than ever, it would be great to find a candidate a majority can agree on (or at least can tolerate!)

The 2020 president of America will have some seriously big boots to fill (and more than a few problems to sort out...)! Leading one of the largest countries on earth is no small task, especially for just one person! Let's hope whoever wins will do right by the USA and can unite the country!

No doubt there are further twists and turns to come! Stay tuned for updates and let me know what you think of Biden's bid in the comments below! Remember to keep it respectful! AAx