Bride And Groom Serve Up Seriously Sickly Severed Head Wedding Cake... Fancy A Slice?


I love a wedding. Vows of eternal love, a big boozy party and, of course, cake!


(Image Credit: Facebook, Sideserf Cake Studio)

You would be forgiven for losing your appetite when attending this particular couple's wedding! I don't know about you but there's not one part of that cake that I'm mentally "bagsy"-ing, not even their noses which seem to have survived the brunt of the blood splatter...


These bakers know a thing or two about whipping up something scrumptious...

... oh! And they also happen to be the bride and groom! Y'know, the ones whose chopped off heads have been depicted so graphically in sponge and fondant? Yeah, them!

This is Natalie...

(Image Credit: Facebook, Sideserf Cake Studio)

... And this is Dave!

Cute couple, right? ... right?!

So when this lovely pair tied the knot they decided to really hone in on that vow, 'till death do us part'. Even if you wouldn't be elbowing your Aunties out the way for a slice of these sweet severed heads, you've got to admit, this couple gets top points for originality!

When they're not lovingly recreating their significant others untimely demise in a vanilla flavored fantasy this crazy couple are creating even more marvelous sweet treats!

(Image Credit: Facebook, Sideserf Cake Studio)


I can barely manage jam tarts and these two have made Bambi the freakin' Prince of the Forest out of fondant and, I'm willing to bet, some magic granted by a deal with the devil?! These guys are seriously talented...

(Image Credit: Facebook, Sideserf Cake Studio)

This thing of beauty is edible?!?! But how could you ever bring yourself to take a bite?! I think I'd just have to marvel at it until it went moldy... although... I may be putting too much faith in my will power. Cake is cake, regardless of how gorgeous (or gruesome!) it looks, so I'll devour it!

Look at this good little boy! Could you take a bite out of that cuddly lil' fella?!

(Image Credit: Facebook, Sideserf Cake Studio)


We can only hope Natalie and Dave's beautiful creations aren't stabbed in the face with birthday candles before everybody at the party manages to get a couple of snaps of these awesome creations!

So, will you be contacting Natalie and Dave for your next cake?! Would you have a severed head cake at your wedding? Would you dare to take a bite?! Let me know in the comments and don't forget to share with your cake-loving friends and family! AAx