Bride Asked Her Friends To Wear Their Own Wedding Dresses To Her Wedding And The Results Are Amazing


Weddings are pretty great, right? Especially when it's your own. But sometimes there can be an awful lot of pressure to make your wedding the most memorable one of the year.

not wrong. 

For the two lovebirds Audrey Moore and Jesse Lumen however, they knew straight away how they were going to make that happen. You see, for these two, a traditional marriage ceremony was never what they had in mind.

Keep scrolling to learn how they made their wedding day so memeorable!

Before the wedding, the bride Audrey asked all of her female friends one simple thing... to wear their own wedding dresses once again.

...Yep, you read that right. They wanted their friends who attended to wear their own wedding dresses!

Why did they do this exactly? Well, the couple thought it was pretty sad the fact that most women only get one chance to wear their wedding dress, and I gotta tell you, I absolutely agree. Because of this tragic thought, they then came up with the wild idea to give everyone a second chance to re-wear their own wedding dress... and the result, as you can imagine, is absolutely glorious.

“They’re all such beautiful women inside and out and I had heard so often that they were really sad they couldn’t wear their wedding dress again,” the bride said about her friends to TODAY. “So then I decided I really wa

And because Audrey was the last of her friends to get married, everything perfectly fell into place, and there was no risk of anyone feeling left out.


The fact that her friends would all be able to wear their own wedding dresses again was so much more important to her.

Luckily for those guests, the fun couple had quite a few back-up plans hidden in their bonnets. You see, for people who weren't already married, they were asked to come in a garment such as a prom dress, or some other piece of similar clothing they'd only had the opportunity to wear once.

The couple also presented guests with an alternative option to this: they asked people to dress up as a character of their choosing. I KNOW! I totally want to be at that wedding.

even toyed with the idea of having crazy prints or polka dots... but in the end, they settled on a stunning blue piece. And I think it's safe to say the choice was made very carefully because now Audrey looked like freakin' Elsa from Frozen which is ap

Unorthodox, yes, but it's also 100% amazingly fun!

That's not to say everyone was onboard with their wacky idea at first. Some of their friends were actually pretty reluctant and super skeptical about the idea at first - however, they soon realized just how much fun it would be and became just as excited at the soon-to-be newlyweds were.

But hang on, how about the bride? What dress did she wear? Well, the beautiful bride Audrey gave her seamstress a 'carte blanche' - basically, she was 100% willing to wear whatever the freakin' heck she was presented with. Honestly, I think I'm falling in love with this bride a little myself.

And if that wasn't enough, at the reception, Audrey even had a cape filled with LEDs over her shoulders!

“Honestly it doesn’t matter to me what you wear, even if it’s completely silly. Whatever you choose, I’m just so happy that we’ll be spending the day honoring ourselves and our love.'”

Because of the rather unique dress-code, everybody speculated what Audrey would wear. Groom Jesse didn’t care about the dress, he only cared about their special day.

As for him and the groomsmen, of course, they wanted to have a bit of fun too! And Boy did they!

“I met him in a white hoodie and I somehow always pictured him in a white hoodie when we got married. In fact, my favorite thing for him to wear is a hoodie,” Audrey mentions. “So when we discovered that they made tux-print hoodies in wh

No stiff, sharply dressed shirts or outfits and no tuxedos – all of them wore the same comfortable white hoodie with a tuxedo print on it... outstanding.

This special outfit isn’t coincidental, because the white hoodie has a super special meaning from when the couple first met, and it's SO cute.


And of course, the wedding reception was just as fun and unique as the rest of the special day, as I'm sure you can definitely imagine.

“We’re lucky to have an incredible group of creative friends who helped us put this whole thing together,” the couple mentioned..."

There were plenty of activities such as arcade games and skeeball and no less than eighteen different (but smaller) wedding cakes!

"...All of the women that wore their past wedding dresses are still married. We even did a slideshow of everyone’s wedding pictures for guests to see when they entered the ceremony area. At the end of the day, we really just wanted the wedding to c

Honestly, this is my favorite thing I've written about in a long time. Just look at these faces... everyone seems to be having an amazing time and I'm sure it's a wedding people will be talking about for years and years to come. It's a solid 10 for me!

How about you folks? Do you like this wedding idea, or do you prefer the more traditional route? Maybe you've been to a wacky wedding like this? Let me know in the comments below! And don't forget to share this with your friends and family  too! x