Bridezilla "Livid" Guests Won't Pay "Only $1,500" To Fund Her Wedding, Cancels Marriage & Dumps Groom


Getting married is the most magical, most manic time you may ever experience...

In the age of celebrity weddings, there's more pressure than ever before to have a fairytale day with all the bells and whistles that can possibly be attached.

Designer dresses, flashy venues, professional photographers, a ring with a diamond the size of a small planet, and more booze than you can shake a stick at means most weddings come with a fairly hefty price tag these days!

Most couples, therefore, have to wait a little while in order to save up and eventually "put a ring on it".


But some lovers can get a little impatient... Not that I blame them! You've found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with! You don't want to wait around to get the deposit paid on the horse and carriage, right?!

If that's the case, good for you! Let love reign supreme! Get married on a budget, tie the knot, begin life as Mr and Mrs and have your big, blow-out party when you've got more cash to splash at a later date!


An anonymous cousin of Susan's shared the Facebook post Susan penned days before the wedding...

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"A little push"?! "A little help"?! Does this woman know the definition of "little"?! Because it ain't what she's describing here!

Which is fair enough, right? Instead of getting the newlyweds a toaster just give them the money you would have spent on a toaster. A $1,500 TOASTER.


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What even is this "exclusive wedding" nonsense?! They're you're friends and family, not some red carpet A-lister's who need to be seen and photographed with other V.I.P's.

Just let your Aunty's and Uncle's get drunk in the local sports hall and be done with it, woman. But Susan wanted bigger and better things and when that didn't work out? Some colorful freakin' language got thrown about!

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re-sent, the bride stressed how people probably had a grand just lying around

Except for the fact that it's absolutely not. You really have to feel for all these friends and family who have to deal with this nonsense...

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Susan, please, stop this. You're embarrassing yourself.

But further trouble was ready to descend on paradise!

Completely baffled and enraged that people didn't want to fund somebody else's wedding the husband-to-be and wife-to-be started to get tetchy with one another.

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I'm starting to feel this wedding is less about the marriage and more about the party/event. Do you love this person? Or do you just love getting drunk with them and spending other people's cash?

Just putting it out there...

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Pft! Fancy indulging in the "get rich fast fallacy"?! Disgusting! Far better to take the money of loved ones to stage the wedding you can't afford.

How DARE this man suggest marrying the woman he loves on a budget?! What does he think this ceremony is about?! LOVE?! HA!

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Everybody's reaction to the maid of honor getting out of this terrible friendship:

And the culmination of all these terrible events? The wedding got called off... which, let's face it, was probably for the best...

Now, Susan is going backpacking. Because she needs to heal from the emotional trauma of not being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for doing nothing.

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Susan's friends and family must be pretty hopeful she considers them a backstabber...

Whilst you really do have to feel for the kid wrapped up in all this drama, you have to hope that this wedding fail means he'll at least get two loving homes rather than one miserable one...

Presumably, Susan still has enough friends and family to fund her backpacking. Let's hope it's a healing experience for her.

And don't forget folks, we're ALL to blame for this...

(Image Credit: Facebook, Doug Segal) 

Susan, we're all very worried for you.


I guess this is just the effect celebrities are having on our culture, right? Susan just wants to be Kim K...

(Image Credit: Instagram, @kimkardashian)

But let's not pretend that Kim K is forcing people to use Susan's methods.

If you want those walls of white roses you're going to have been born to a really rich family and have an awe-inspiring arse. Sorry, but that's the way of the world folks.

Would you ask guests to fund your wedding? Or did you celebrate your special day on a budget? Let me know all about it in the comments! Be sure to share with your just-engaged friends too! (Just in case they were getting any ideas...) AAx

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