Can You Tell These Retro Sega Games Apart From A Single Screenshot?

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Whether you called it the Sega Genesis or the Mega Drive, this console was probably the highlight of  your life following its release the early 90s. The Sega Genesis was the third Sega console and replaced the Master System. It supported over 900 games and owners of the console were the envy of everybody else.

But there were a lot of other fantastic games available on the Sega Genesis - ranging from Beyond Oasis, Thunderforce III, Golden Axe, Comix Zone, Phantasy Star IV, and Super Fantasy Adventure. And that's only to name a few! You're either currently

If you're here, you were probably an avid Sega Genesis gameplayer: so how many of these classic retro games do you remember, and how well can you tell them apart? The challenge is to guess the correct name of the video game from only a single screenshot of it.

It's time to find out how well you remember these nostalgia inducing games with this quiz, and be sure to SHARE with your pals who were also Sega fanatics like you!

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