The “Cheerio Challenge” Is Complete Proof That We Are Living In The Golden Age Of Dad... Copy

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Then stack your Cheerios one by one on their head.

You must have skills!

There is a record of 16 Cheerios in a single stack that both of these dads have managed to do so far.

According to Quinn, "That seems to be the Everest of Cheerio stacking. I don't even know how it's possible."

Of course, some dads improvised if they didn't have Cheerios.

The head wasn't the only stacking surface that they found either.

This is a talented kid!

Quinn admits, "The real challenge of the Cheerios Challenge is stifling your own laughter."

So, take the challenge! How many Cheerios can you stack on your baby's head?

P.S Check out this awesome video of a mom trying again and again to beat her record!

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