Children Misbehave The Most Around Their Moms According To Child Psychologist

Children Misbehave The Most Around Their Moms According To Child Psychologist

Children Misbehave The Most Around Their Moms According To Child Psychologist

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Let’s face it, if you’re a parent you’ll already be well aware of the fact that kids can have those days where they feel like pushing you to your absolute limit. And, as much as I’m sure we all wish our children were never ever upset about anything, that’s just a part of parenthood. Much like changing dirty, stinky diapers and trying to convince them to eat their vegetables… it’s inescapable.

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But, what if your kid/s were boiling over with rage or pushing their luck more with you than when they’re being looked after by someone else? What if they thought they could get away with it more because it’s, well, you? As freakin’ annoying as that sounds, it seems as though it is in fact true with many families across the US when it comes to being a mom.


It’s normal to be paranoid of such things, when all you want is for your child to behave themselves for all of five minutes so you can get the simplest of tasks finished for once.

Sometimes it can just feel like you’ve got unnaturally overly angry and mischievous offspring on your hands and you think to yourself “why me?“. Then, out of nowhere you realise that these tantrums and lack of respect to authority only seem to happen when it’s you taking care of them. So naturally you start doubting your own parenting skills and begin to find faults within your own approach to raising children. But, the truth is, it’s not necessarily that at all and you’re probably overthinking it.

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According to child psychologist Dr. Heather Wittenberg: “Children save their best—and worst—for us, as parents. They’re their ‘true selves’ with us. It takes energy to ‘be good’ and follow the rules—especially for young children—so when they get home, they let it all hang out. The good news is that their deepest love, affection, admiration, and goofiness are reserved for us, too.” So, I guess it’s not all bad then.

The point she’s making is basically a backwards compliment to all of you moms and dads out there worried about how disciplined your child is. The fact that statistically more women stay at home to look after their children than men serves as one of the main reasons kids misbehave more when in their mother’s company. Which means they are more likely to form a stronger bond with their moms during their early years of development too. Therefore, they feel more comfortable when attempting to ‘bend’ the rules because they sense the unconditional love you have for them regardless.

Just think of it this way: if you don’t know somebody that well, you’re less likely to get angry with them or flaunt extroverted behaviours in front of them are you? Neither is your precious little cherub. Simple right?

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So, at the end of the day these little moments of mischief pale into insignificance compared to the love and affection you will share over the years. N’awww.

What do you reckon Acidheads? P.s. If you ever thought your children were bad, just watch an episode of the Supernanny…