Outrage As Children Cut Off Bulls Ears As 'Trophies' In Spanish Bull Fighting Tradition


The controversial 'sport' of bullfighting has been back in the spotlight yet again as videos have been released of teenagers and children hacking at young bulls, in extreme distress, and holding up the ears and tails of young bulls to crowds of spectators. 

(Warning, this article contains graphic images)

(Source: Pen News via Daily Mail)

The footage was filmed at an arena in Cordoba where trainee bullfighters invited teenagers and children (reportedly under the age of 18) to repeatedly stab and torture bulls under the age of two to death for their entertainment.

The disturbing images show two terrifyingly young children then watching on as one of the dying bulls has its ears and tail cut off, the children are then presented the severed features as 'trophies'.

Yeah, nothing says congratulations like a severed baby bulls ear... you can put it on your shelves and watch it slowly rot away like your child's sense of morality as a result of being made to stab baby animals to death.

(Source: Pen News via Daily Mail)

This event is apparently a yearly occurrence as part of a 'homage to Cordovan women'.

Is it just me or would anyone else be a little disturbed if someone made kids stab baby animals as a way to pay 'homage' to me... just get me a freakin' cool glass of white wine for Christ's sake! 

'One of the animals is still alive when the ear is cut off...'

As you can probably imagine, the footage has rightfully sparked immense outrage worldwide from the public and animal right's institutions alike. 

(Source: Pen News via Daily Mail)

Marta Esteban of Animal Guardians had this to say on the shocking footage:

'Every year they do this calf-fighting and they say they do it as a homage to Cordovan women. Very few people attend, about 2,000 in a 17,000-capacity bullring.'

'The ear and/or tail of the animals are offered to the bullfighters if they perform well and then these are given to the public as a "present".

'As you see in the video, one of the animals is still alive when the ear is cut off. The other ear is moving while they do that.'

(Source: Pen News via Daily Mail)

Esteban also emphasized concern at the age of the youths involved: 

'We cannot know the exact age of the bullfighting students involved. Some look under 18. They can kill animals from 14 years on.

'This gratuitous violence towards noble and innocent beings is carried out by young people, some probably under 18, and in the presence of minors. This is unfit for a civilized country.' 

There have been widespread calls for this event to be outlawed, and why isn't it?! 

Kids should not be being encouraged to show such flagrant disrespect for animals!

(Source: Pen News via Daily Mail)

Due to the fact that these kids do not have any experience with bullfighting, it is widely considered that the bulls will be experiencing much more pain than they normally would due to the fact that the kids are not as precise with their attacks. 

And the fact that I've just had to explain why it's even 'worse' for bulls to be stabbed by kids than professional bull-stabbers is a terrifying prospect.

The president of the Torture Is Not Culture movement, Carmen Ibarlucea has also prompted women to take to the internet with the hashtag '#NoQuieroTuHomenaje (I do not want your homage)' in order to put a stop to these atrocities:

'Performing such an act of violence and torture towards young bulls in honour of women is an insult.

'If you want to pay tribute to women, prohibit these shows throughout Spain and build a society where culture is free of violence.' 

Would you want to be paid 'homage' to in this way?! Let me know what you make of this story in the comments below! Hopefully, by sharing this horrific story, more people will join the many voices trying to get this sort of thing banned! AAx