Chinese Runner Poop's Himself Mid-Marathon But Squeezes Out Victory


Everyone suffers from Diarrhoea at some point and it's a uniquely debasing and horrific experience that is not quickly forgotten - and it certainly won't be forgotten by Chinese runner Wu Xiangdong who never stopped jogging despite, mid-marathon, experiencing a terrific bout of, yep, you guessed it...

Although, smelliness aside, the runner was successful in managing to finish first from his country! So I guess it was probably worth it?



Wu Xiangdong's excretion episode (by which I mean he pooped himself in case you didn't get the euphemism) occurred only 14km into the 21km long race, but he never stopped running as he wanted to achieve his goal! Interviewed afterwards, and presumably after he'd been to the toilet,  he said:

"I kept running and didn’t stop and I wanted to beat the African runner at the finish. I was really relieved when I crossed the finish line."

Apparently Wu felt a little iffy at 10km but managed to hold down the fort until the 14km mark when he just had to let the diarrhoea go, and claimed, 'It seemed I had more power after I excreted everything . I definitely would have run faster if I didn’t have this .' He also said that by the end, 'Even I couldn’t stand the smell.'

As embarrassed as he may feel about it, Wu managed to finish the half-marathon in an impressive time of 1 hour, 6 minutes and 16 seconds, which is amazing! Talking about what may have caused the freakin' mess in the first place,  he had this to say:

"It was I only had a piece of bread and drank mineral water. I don’t think it was because of what I ate. It was a mighty relief to have had the toilet in the end. I don’t want to remember this race."


As easy as it is to laugh at this sort of incident (and it is incredibly easy), this sort of thing happens all of the time in marathon running. The most infamous case is probably Paula Radcliffe's accident in the London 2005 marathon; but, more recently was the case of another half-marathon runner, Mikael Ekvall, who had this unfortunate incident (warning, graphic...)

(Source: Gawker)

Accidents of this nature never manage to dissuade athletes, which is a powerful testament to never giving up on your dreams considering how much an incident of that nature could damage your resolve.

Also, quite frankly, if someone made me run a half-marathon, diarrhoea would be the freakin' least of my health concerns!

With the amount of strain and rigorous training these athletes put themselves through, I suppose it's only natural that sometimes they're gonna have a reaction of such a nature. I'm also more than certain Wu Xiangdong will be back winning more races and putting this misfortune firmly behind him.


All actual joking aside he's achieved something fantastic and I'm sure this will be forgotten in a blink of the internet's fickle eye, hopefully so anyway! Do you think you'd have managed to run 7km in that condition? AAx