"Whose Line Is It Anyway" Star Brilliantly Shuts Down Transphobic Trolls Attacking His Daughter

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It's 2018. We've come a long long way as a society, and we've made a lot of progress. Unfortunately, there still appears to be some incredibly stubborn and ignorant people on this planet who just flat out refuse to give into any sort of progressive change, ideas or thinking.

There are many groups of people that are affected by the words and actions of this select group of small-minded people, and one of these groups is the transgender community. In fact, the sad reality is, some of the most un-accepting groups of people towards the transgender community is indeed, their own small-minded parents.

Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter! 28 years old and everything we've ever hoped for in a child.

Kinley Mochrie When came out as transgender in 2016 and as is made clear by the image above, Colin and his wife completely, full-heartedly supported her and showed her nothing but with affection, and understanding... y'know, the way it should be.


As I mentioned previously, society has grown and evolved a lot, so as you can imagine there were many people who left supportive, positive and all-around lovely messages below Colin's post. After all, who could have a bad thing to say on a simple birthday post made by a father for his beloved daughter? Well, narrow-minded, transphobic internet trolls, that's who.

One wrote:


And another followed that incredibly creative comment with:

It makes sense. He was always bats*** crazy. Doesn't surprise me that gender dysphoria runs in the family.

So, being the inspiring human being that he is, Colin Mochrie responded in the best way he possibly could. He quickly jumped onto Facebook in order to fire back at all the haters with his little gem;

Er, yeah, that's right... Mic. Dropped.

But enough about those transphobic idiots, because let's be honest, who actually cares about their opinions? Absolutely nobody, that's who. Let's focus on more of the lovely, warm-and-fuzzy positive comments towards Kinley and her amazing family instead!

Some of which,  were from trans women:

I’m a trans woman, and today is the first day my mom called me her daughter. Thank you for being supportive of your daughter! Supportive parents make all of the difference.

And other's came from fans:

I always liked you on whose line but your family-centered life and support for LGBTQ community makes me admire you even more.

And such did the positive affirmations continue:

The trans community needs more parents like you!! She is very lucky to have two very supportive parents. Happy birthday!

Until this person summed the whole thing up beautifully:

I really can’t think of a better gift than having the unconditional love of your parents. Your daughter is beautifully and wonderfully made.

So it's always a good thing to remember, despite all the hate and negativity that may still be present in the world, there is 10 times as much love and positivity... you just have to look for it! And for now, there'll be a struggle against the narrow-minded people of this world (even parents), but as long as we have people like Collin Mochrie and his beautiful family living in it, we know it'll be okay.

Thank you Collin for being a wonderful role model for people and parents all over the world... and happy belated birthday Kinley!

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