The Coolest Thing You Ever Saw Your Mom Or Dad Do (17 Photos)


1. Don't all dads do this for their sons at one point?

2. Famous fathers are cool too.

3. A mother is strongest when protecting her children.

4. A little too much information.

5. That's what male and female cops are trained to do. But it's still cool to watch your mom do it!

6. This dad wanted to be the superstar in their lives and he is.

7. It's a fast and sure kill.

8. Most women can do what they have to - when they have to!

9. Amen. Thanks for your service!

10. Saving lives is what makes a hero.

11. The artist in her was coming out.

12. Teaching kids about preserving the past is important.

13. A good kick in the face prompted this dad to take down a horse.

14. Some drunk dads are prone to fighting but it's cool when he's fighting for good.

15. Being good at video games is a great way to win a child's heart.

16. A courageous confrontation.

17. Good parenting can go a long way.

So, be sure to let your parents know when you think that they are doing something cool.  They will really appreciate it!