Couples Are Swapping Wedding Rings For Pierced Fingers In Weird Trend

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Brides and grooms around the globe have been showcasing the new fad on Instagram, highlighting studs and rings on their fingers as opposed to a standard wedding ring.

Some of the jewellery showcased some pretty impressive diamonds, with others featuring special rings and bars which protrude just under the skin.

Dermal piercings are usually made up of two pieces, firstly a flat plate which is placed under the skin, with then a piece of jewellery which can be changed, and is visible on the surface.

However, the piercings do come with health risks, with experts warning that if the anchor is not placed deep enough, then the piercing may start to move, but on the other hand if placed too deep then the skin may begin to grow over the actual piercing.

This couple opted for matching piercings, with permanent markings to accompany them. The red and green do compliment each other to be fair, but it still looks rather unsettling and different to your standard wedding ring.

This one features more of an intricate bar, which protrudes through one end of the finger and pokes out the other. I just can not get used to this. You've got a ring on that finger, we can all see it, it looks great, just use a ring to declare your commitment to your partner.

Now I must say, I do actually like this one. It does look rather classy, and accompanies the tattoos really well. Am I getting a piercing now instead of a wedding ring after seeing this ...

Again, not too shabby. Looks classy, and not too over the top. I'm not sure about that stuff on the nail though. Maybe pushing the point a little too much.

And we're back to the not so good. Just look at it, it looks like a 13th century injury sustained in battle. I don't know how looking at this can remind you of arguably the happiest day of your life, the wedding day. Unless the wedding was infected and looked to be dislodged, if so then it is certainly fulfilling its purpose. Hope the likes on Instagram were worth it.

When will I stop? I advise as soon as possible mate. This one again I don't get. It's two balls, not really an impressive feat. The irony of this one is the ring on the adjacent finger looks better than the piercing, which is meant to be a token of your love and commitment to your partner. I suggest you sack the piercing off, move the ring over a finger, and it's happy days. I beg of you to please do this, please.

If my partner walked through the door with that as a wedding ring I'd be initiating the divorce process. It looks like he's had a stapling accident at work and looks very pleased about it. Baffling.

So to surmise, I'm all for people trying to break the mould and do something different, but this is just taking the piss. Why fix something that's not broken. To me it appears to be nothing but a trend to get a few more Instagram likes. I can see nothing but regret in the future, which is often the case with dermals. But lets hope the couples who have opted for this difference in style have no issues going forward, and don't end up tainting the best day of their lives

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