Seriously Weird Nose Hair Extension Trend Is As Disgusting As It Is Pointless


The internet has seen its fair share of bizarre trends that make you question how we've got this far as a society, and one of the most recent examples of this is the trend of nose hair extensions... yep, you read that right.

(Source: Instagram @gret_chen_chen)

Instagram user @gret_chen_chen started the painfully daft fad by posting the photo of her having glued false eyelashes up her nose to achieve the look, you know, because gluing things up your hooter is a great idea. As opposed to people quickly filing the idea away under 'to be forgotten about as quickly as possible', people were quite smitten with the look!

The hashtag #nosehairextensions quickly exploded across the social media platform with users from all over the world deciding to replicate the look because that's apparently the world we live in now, and doesn't that just make you feel great!

(Source: Instagram @taytay_xx)

The resulting look is one that screams insanity! It looks like their faces are playing host to a nest of spiders, or they're turning slowly into mole-people.

As someone who's spent a quite terrifying amount of time over the course of their life keeping their nose hair in check, this recent trend isn't exactly urging me to chuck away the tweezers just yet!

(Source: Instagram @heygorgeousxxx)

Some people on the social media platform have managed to retain their senses and have turned their noses up at the trend (you knew it was coming, it was between that and something to do with rubbing their noses in it, or sticking their nose where it doesn't belong like a spider's nest.)

One person (you have to assume half-heartedly) commented 'Definitely something a bit different', but another person wasn't so calm and commented: 'Utter foolishness !!!' One man even satirically posted this version of the trend...

(Source: Instagram @schwaigoferart)

Regardless of how freakin' ridiculous this look is, I can't stop thinking of how itchy it must be! I can feel my nose twitching just thinking about those long hairs ticking away at the inside of my nostrils... you're welcome for that image.

Also, and I can't believe that I feel like I have to stress this fact, putting glue up your nose isn't a good idea folk, listen to your freakin' aunty on this one!

(Source: Instagram @fox29philly)

Furthermore, what if you sneeze? Surely that's just gonna be a freakin' mess! I really can't believe that this is something that has caught on, desperate attempts for internet stardom and attention have surely gone too far!

Although, this is coming from the same planet that brought you fingernail extension with live ants in them... yeah, bet you'd forgotten about that one hadn't you!

When I was younger, the only people putting things up their noses were children, who seemingly feel that every item that they touch should be inserted up their nostrils! But, the point is that they're children, so they don't know any freakin' better!

(Source: Instagram)

Has this trend got you reaching for the false eyelashes and throwing the tweezers in the trash? Quite frankly, this is the most freakin' ridiculous thing I've seen on the internet... and I'v seen some freakin' ridiculous stuff! Let me know in the comments if you agree! AAx