Dad Creates Controversial Phone App That Forces Your Kids To Text Back

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The app basically freezes the rest of the kids' phones until they respond to their parents’ messages.

"I wanted to be able to set an alarm on his phone — that was the gem of the idea" Nick said. "Alarms sound even on silent. Why can't I set an alarm on his phone in order to do that?"

He hired a tech-savvy friend to help develop the app, which triggers an alarm that will sound until a text is read. When an "ASAP message" is delivered, the app takes over the screen, interrupting whatever the recipient is doing on their phone, and an alarm will ring — even if the phone is set to silent.

In order to stop the alarm, the recipient can hit snooze for 3 minutes while replying or hit "cancel" to exit the tab. The sender will then get a notification, depending on the option the recipient chooses.

"I hope people in my situation use it. So far I've seen an overwhelming majority of people relating to my situation. They have teenage children who don't respond to anything. And so it's something that seems to resonate"

Some would say this this app is very intrusive in the way that it operates, but Herbert says the app isn't meant to bug your kids. Instead, it should be used for emergencies. i guess this requires restraint on the part of the parents, too.

"I told my son, 'If you want to make it urgent send me one of these. If you want to know where some socks are, send a text message and I can reply when I can."

Ever since the app launched in August 2017 on Google Play, it's steadily grown in popularity, and has now been downloaded more than 75,000 times. For now, ReplyASAP is only available for Android users, but Herbert is hoping to add an iPhone version soon.

Of course, there is one glaring error in all of this - it's just an app, and like any other app, it can presumably be easily deleted by whoever controls the phone. I mean, really - does he thin he can outsmart the most tech-savvy generation ever to exist?

Presumably, it could also be dangerous if someone needed to make an emergency phone call and they couldn't because the app was taking up the whole screen.

Would you use this app, folks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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