Dad Spent £30k On Face Modifications To Look Like A Nazi Supervillian


Some of Henry's body modifications include his eyes being tattooed black, implants being inserted into his head to give his face skull-like features. Henry has even gone so far as to have his nose cut off!

This all started when Henry met Emilio Gonzalez, a medical school dropout with an interest in tattoos and body modifications, as well as extreme body surgery.

'I wanted to turn myself into this amazing comic book character I've admired since I was little. I feel like there are similarities between this character and I regarding personality and attitude.' Henry said.

However, Henry is very clear that though he wants to be similar to the Red Skull, he does not share the same feelings toward's the character's Nazi background. 'The only thing I don't have in common with him is his Nazi ideology.'

Before going through the body modifications, Henry went through a number of physical and mental tests before going through with the surgery.

All of Henry's modifications took a grand total of 130 hours to perform, which started with tattooing his eyes back. Ouch!

Getting the implants in his skin took a very long time because it's naturally a difficult procedure to go through with.

Henry's appearance does attract some very strong reactions from strangers, but Henry doesn't mind. As long as his son accepts him, that's all that matters according to Henry. 'If he accepts me and loves me I don't care about what other people would say.'

Henry says that being able to decide who he is, makes him feel a lot better about himself. 'That's the most important thing.'