Dad Superglues His Hands To Daughter's School Gates As Protest

Dad Superglues His Hands To Daughter’s School Gates As Protest

    We all know that moms and dads will do pretty much anything to stand up for their children… but this might be a step too far!

    One super dad launched himself HANDS first into a protest when his teenage daughter was sent home from school for having a piercing.

    Geoff Smith glued his hands to the front gates of the academy after his fourteen-year old was sent home for a piercing, which he claims prevents her from suffering with migraines.

    On hearing the news, he did what any protective parent would do and talked calmly wi… oh, nope… he lathered his hands in superglue and a type of plaster known as Polyfilla and stuck them on to the metal gates of a school.

    (Image Credit: Lad Bible)

    He even got someone to live stream the event to Facebook for around an hour!

    During the Facebook stream Geoff said:

    “I have superglued myself to the gate.

    “My daughter has got a legal right to an education.

    “The superglue is burning my hands at the minute… but I would put myself through any pain so my daughter can live life without pain.”

    Whilst we all love a dad fighting for the right for their children to have an education, perhaps there are other ways to go about it, Geoff.

    The Police Were Soon Called…

    The police were soon called who ordered Geoff to pull himself free from the gates and he eventually managed to wiggle free. I mean, he had used super glue after all… not an easy task.

    While he managed to yank himself free, a layer of skin was still stuck to the gates.

    A worker from the school, Cockburn John Charles Academy, trotted over to Geoff less than a minute into his protest asking him:

    “What are you doing?”

    At that point, Geoff told the worker to call the fire brigade… Fair enough.

    (Video Credit: YouTube)

    Police and fire service soon arrived on the scene.

    Police decided not to arrested the dad who went inside to have a meeting with school staff.

    The protest started over Geoff’s daughter, Bobbiemay getting into trouble for a tragus piercing.

    The Piercing Is Thought To Relieve Migraine Pain…

    Whilst it wouldn’t be allowed normally in schools, this parent argued that an exception should be made. The piercing was intended to relieve the pain of migraines rather than serve as a fashion statement.

    Some people believe that certain ear piercings can stimulate nerves under the skin and muscle tissues. This then produces endorphins which can reduce pain.

    Geoff said that he even bought the smallest stud he could he find to be as inconspicuous as possible – the same could not be said for his protest…

    (Image Credit: Lad Bible)

    Why Was His Protest SO Extreme?

    Geoff explained:

    “It’s awful for a school to deprive a child of their education for something so minor.

    “We tried everything to stop Bobbiemay’s migraines – she can be in agonising pain for a week at a time with them.

    “But she hasn’t had one since getting the piercing five weeks ago. The piercing is working, it’s not coming out.”

    (Image Credit: Lad Bible)

    He added:

    Bobbiemay was doing really well at that school so that’s where I want her go go back to.

    “She’s missed a lot of school now and it’s not fair. She’s an intelligent child and they have had no other issues with her until now.”

    A school spokesman released a statement which read:

    “We would like to make it clear Bobbiemay Smith has not been excluded from the academy.

    “She is welcome back at any time, as long as the earring is removed. Students and parents are aware of our clear uniform policy which is applied consistently.

    “In this particular case, medical evidence or a doctor’s note has not been provided to suggest exceptional circumstances.

    “At all times, our focus is on Bobbiemay’s welfare and best interests and we hope to see her return to the academy as soon as possible.”

    If she doesn’t remove the piercing, can we expect to see more extreme protests from dad Geoff?

    Maybe once the skin on his hands grows back…