Dad Writes Incredible Book About Son Being A Superhero Before His Son Passes Away


After receiving some devastating news about his only, young son, this Dad has gone to incredible lengths to make sure his son will be remembered forever.

When little Jackson Garwood was first diagnosed with a fatal condition called KRABBE disease, he was just a mere nine months old.

His dad Darrel, who is 37 and his mother Rebecca, who is 34 were told by doctors that chances are he probably wouldn't live beyond his second birthday.

Darren, who is a site inspector from Tilbury, Essex, UK, wanted to make 100% sure that his son would never be forgotten, and so set out to write superhero stories about his super son, who he fondly refers to as "Jackson Superhero". To this day, he has now written and published 10 books!

I sent them off to publishers last February and was published by October 2018, I was thrilled when I’d sold 4,000 copies by Christmas."


Dad Darren himself said:

Jackson's harrowing condition has caused his nervous system to completely degenerate and the symptoms of this include irritability, choking, seizures and not to mention a loss of both developmental and motor skills. There is often also signs of blindness, paralysis, weight loss, and unexplained fevers. All in all, a truly, truly awful disease to suffer.

Jackson was born in August of 2014 and was developing normally up until he reached the age of nine months, which is when he stopped hitting his milestones and lost all ability to complete previously learned skills - such as being able to feed himself and picking up his own dummy himself.

Darren continued:

I’ve got plenty more planned such as Jackson’s solutions to the world’s pollution and I’m determined – my Jackson will have a legacy.

Once he was transferred to Great Ormond Street, his poor heartbroken parents were informed that Jackson was only the third ever case the hospital had seen in 25 whole years. Can you imagine?

However, Jackson has since defied doctors predictions as he now approaches his fifth birthday, which is amazing!

Since Jackson's diagnosis his mom Rebecca has only been able to work one day a week as a recruitment agent, and the family have now had a second child - a two-year-old daughter named Seren. They are currently bravely taking each day as it comes.

Dad Darren added:



If you're interested in owning your own copy of "Jackson Superhero, Jackson Saves an Owl" you can purchase it here from Amazon.

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