Danny Dyer Has Been Spotted On His Way To Love Island!

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Well it looks like you might all finally get what you've been waiting for, because the Cockney geezer has been spotted at the airport ready to jet off to the Island.

An Instagram account called LoveIslandReactions posted a fan photo apparently showing the EastEnders actor queuing with his baggage.

They wrote: "Danny Dyer has been reportedly seen at a airport, we hope he's going into the villa!"

Fans of the show have reacted with pure joy, saying:

"Can not wait for this, it’s about to go down".

Another wrote: "We really need him to. It would be tv at its very best ??".


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A third joked: "I’m gonna sue love island for emotional damages if he doesn’t go in! x".

Dani has been the runaway favourite to win the show, along with her partner, Jack Fincham, since day one.

It is likely that Danny is visiting the Island, because a parents visit has been a regular feature toward the end of the series, and with only a week to go, the moment looks likely to be happening sooner rather than later.

Even celebs are excited about seeing him in there, with TOWIE star Ferne McCann tweeting: "I’m watching tonight’s #LoveIsland & all I can think of is when is the ep where they send in their parents we all wanna see @MrDDyer right?"

Dani's mother, not as well known as her father, has hinted that it could indeed be happening. She recently told This Morning: "Danny likes being mentioned on that show. Yes, he wants a cameo on that show. Yes, he would love it."

Fans are preparing for the end of the show, with many unsure of what they're going to do when it's over. Even Hollywood actress Margot Robbie, who fans claim look a lot like Megan, has said she is dreading the end of the show.

"We have dedicated our summer to watching those guys. We are going to miss them," she said.

"Hopefully a lot of them stay couples in the real world and there is a happy ending for them all. But the winners have to be Jack and Dani.

"Jack and Dani have been together since day one and are the only couple who I can say I am totally sure will make it on the outside."

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