18 People Who Dated Celebrities Before They Knew They'd Be Famous

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1.) This person’s mom dated Adam Sandler

Most people wouldn’t be jealous of this one but Adam Sandler was actually my childhood crush (weird, I know) so, I am actually extremely jealous! I wonder if she still has his number…


2.) This person’s Aunt was friends with Bradley Cooper back in the day

He really hasn’t aged at all he basically looks the same! Maybe minus the tragic mullet though, I’m glad he saw sense and got rid of that before the movie, ‘A Star Is Born’, he wouldn’t have been quite so swoon-worthy if he hadn’t!


3.) This person met Jake Gyllenhaal as a kid

SchleppyJ4 on Reddit tells the story of her fiancé falling off his bike as a kid. A nice 12-year-old boy helped him up, walked him home and made sure that he was okay. That nice boy was the wonderful Jake Gyllenhaal! Let’s hope he is still just as nice after the fame…

4.) This person’s mom dated Joey from Friends! (y’know, Matt LeBlanc)

Doesn’t he look exactly the same?! It’s kind of freaky…they looked like a cute couple, I wonder if they broke up because he doesn’t share food?

5.) This person’s mom dated Woody Harrelson?!

How do these people meet these amazing famous people?! I know that he wasn’t famous then but STILL. Look at how cute they look together!


6.) This guy dated Ariana Grande

They apparently dated and did theatre together – how cute is THAT?! I wonder if she remembers him still.

7.) This person’s sister dated Usher as a teen

Look how young he is!! This is just too much, they look so cute together. Who knew celebrities used to be just like us!


8.) This person’s Aunt dated Tupac

Way, way back in the day, these two were together. To be honest, Tupac did well, she is super pretty and they looked great together.


9.) This person’s Aunt dated Ashton Kutcher!

Look at Ashton, rocking that stylish bowl-cut back in the day. I can’t believe he is holding this person’s brother, how lucky are they?!

10.) This person’s wife dated Henry Winkler

The Fonz himself! They dated back in the late 70s and her husband seems pretty pumped about it. I guess it IS pretty cool…

11.) This person’s cousin dated Matthew McConaughey in college

I am SO jealous! Interstellar is the coolest movie ever and I wish I could have dated him so he could have taken me to space too. Because movies are TOTALLY real.


12.) This person’s aunt dated Jimmy Fallon!

This one is super cool and was clearly a very long time ago. Jimmy Fallon looks so incredibly different but also spookily the same, it’s kind of creepy.

13.) This mom went to prom with Josh Duhamel!

He had a mini-mullet and blonde hair! What is going on it’s like we have entered a parallel universe where everything is different and weird.


14.) This girl’s mom used to date Kanye!

This one just blows my mind. Does this man not age or look different at any point in his life EVER?! It’s like he is stuck in some kind of curse where he doesn’t age.


15.) This person’s aunt dated Jay Z

Seriously though, how did these people meet these celebrities before they were famous?! I need to figure out their tactics and apply them to my own life.


16.) This dad used to date Tisha Campbell-Martin

Or, the ‘ol girl from Martin’, as this person calls her! They look like a great couple and I wonder what went wrong?


17.) This person’s uncle dated Beyoncé

What the actual HELL?! What a lucky man, Beyoncé is an absolute QUEEN and she looks just as beautiful here. I bet he’s kicking himself now…


18.) This guy dated Taylor Swift

They dated way before she was famous and he actually cheated on her! Not only is that TRASH but Taylor Swift?! I think you dodged a bullet there, Taylor.

It’s really surprising to see what celebrities looked like before they were famous and who they dated. The rest of us would only be so lucky…have any of you got any crazy celebrity stories? Let us know in the comments!

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