Putting Dead Bugs In Your Nails Is The Newest Grossest Fashion Trend Around


Melbourne-based nail salon Deadly Nails has been causing a stir online for their 'interesting' nail designs that include a range which uses REAL INSECTS and marijuana in order to create quirky nail art. 

(Source: Instagram)

The salon uses objects such as spiders, scorpions, butterfly and moth wings, snakeskin and other items, including marijuana, to create their unique looks. 

The salon has stirred up mixed reactions online from people applauding the talent and vision of the artistry, to people questioning the ethics of using dead animals for the purpose of fashion.

(Source: Deadly Nails via Dail Mail Australia)

I don't really know what to make of this whole thing if I'm honest, I can barely freakin' look at a picture of a spider let alone imagine having one embedded into my nails!

The salon's owner and founder Nicole Casti (pictured below) assured people that she is not killing any of the animals or insects used in the nails, but made sure to emphasize that they are either found, donated or supplied by a local taxidermist.

(Source: Instagram)

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Ms Casti said, 'I've always been fascinated with taxidermy, I find beauty in death.'

She went on to say, 'I want to create things that challenge people's perception of beauty.' 

Pictured below: one client even asked for marijuana to be used in a nail... and Ms. Casti obliged 

When preparing the insect parts for use on people's nails, the insects are sanitized (thank goodness!) and then 'encapsulated' in the form of a nail... it's sort of like mummification... except the bodies are in a glass coffin... and on someone's finger.

(Source: Deadly Nails)

 I can't say I'm going to be rushing out to try and find a salon near me that can put insects and weed into my nails, call me old fashioned but I don't really need that in my life. 

Pictured below: a Deadly Nails design involving a dead seahorse 

Some of Ms. Casti's designs are very impressive, and she is obviously very talented at nail artwork, however, I'm just not sure if I like the idea of having something dead on my fingernails... is that weird?

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I know that the insects are responsibly sourced, so maybe it's just my own personal discomfort with creepy crawlies that is making me shudder to see these. 

Pictured below: butterlfy wings sanitised and 'encapsulated' into nails

Ms. Casti said in her interview that the idea started when her daughter found a dead butterfly. And, like any normal person, her idea was to put it on her hands as decoration... I guess whatever floats your boat eh?

(Source: Instagram)

Butterfly wings are a little more picturesque than spiders and scorpions (well for me anyway!) so I can maybe see why people would maybe want these ones! Still though, is it right to be using bits of animals like this, regardless of how you acquired their bodies?

Putting bugs in your nails is not a new phenomenon, however. Several years ago, one nail salon went viral and received massive backlash when they posted videos of their new nail art which included putting LIVE ants into people's nails!  

(Source: Metro)

Nail Sunny did discontinue their live ant nails, thankfully, due to the immense amount of negative backlash that they received from the stunt. However, Ms. Casti has expressed no desire to stop with her dead insect nails at any point! 

What do you make of Nicole's dead insect nails, are they the gothic look you've been searching for, or do they make your skin crawl? Let me know in the comments below! And be sure to share with your on-trend friends! AAx