Deaf Earless Bunny Gifted New Set By Owner And It's The Cutest Thing In The World

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But, thanks to her owner she is now the proud owner of her very own set of crocheted wool ears. And I'm betting there aren't too many rabbits out there with a pair of those!

Rodajia Welch, 22, decided to adopt Mimi from a volunteer at her job. Her role includes providing basic pet care to people who have little-to-no income but are desperate to keep ahold of and care for their pets/companions in Sacramento.

"As soon as I saw Mimi I fell in love and couldn't wait to take her home"

Mimi was up for grabs and Rodajia didn't think twice:

As well as providing a loving, safe environment for Mimi to hop around happily in, she decided to do something to give her an aesthetic improvement too. Not that we don't already think Mimi is really freakin' cute, ears or not!

Rodajia mentioned that the idea to give her 'artificial' ears came from something as simple as a name search. Her and her boyfriend had done some exploring online and found the name 'Kemonomimi', which is a form of cosplay in which the characters possess animal ears.

And so not only was the name Mimi born, but also the idea to gift her some new appendages.

Of course, you have to think about the animals happiness, I mean she might not even want ears if she's never known what it's like to have them. So, Rodajia insists that the sets she makes aren't fastened to Mimi and if she's unhappy with them after posing for pictures, she can quite easily knock them off. Not that you would want to, I mean look at them!

A round of applause is in order for Rodajia for her work supporting people in providing care for various animals across the area too, well done you!

Oh and along with Mimi, she's also adopting her mom and siblings until she's old enough to be away from them... talk about cuteness overload.

What do you think of these makeshift ears Acidheads?




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