Desperate Nurse Pleads For Women To Stop Using Vacuums To End Their Periods Early


A recent tweet by a medical nurse from Seattle has warned against a surprising trend of women using domestic vacuum cleaners to try and speed up their period and end it early by sucking out blood.

The Seattle nurse, who goes by the name @OdesseyT99, grabbed Twitter by the head and shook it around a bit when she tweeted asking women to, 'stop using your vacuum hose to end your period early. You're gonna wind up sucking out a lot more than blood!' and claimed that she had had 2 cases of this in just one week!

The tweet has since gone viral, prompting over 7, 000 retweets and likes, and 1, 800 replies!

Don't believe me? Well here's the tweet...

(Source: Twitter)

Period cramps are obviously, the worst and most of us would do anything to avoid the monthly pain and discomfort! However, I cannot fathom how someone would look at their dust sucker and think, 'aye y'know, I've got a cracking idea!'

The Nurse reportedly followed up her tweets saying that the two girls had been 19 and 23, and that it was 'lucky they weren't dead'. 

She also had to clarify her comments for those (I suppose not unjustifiably) struggling to get their heads around the concept of sticking a vacuum cleaner where there shouldn't be a vacuum cleaner:

'I don't know if it was Eureka, Dyson, Hoover or some Walmart brand, but yes... An actual vacuum cleaner.'

As funny as the majority of people on Twitter have found the idea, there is clearly a fair bit of danger involved with performing the... 'procedure' due to the fact that it is not really a proper procedure!

Consultant Gynaecologist at The Gynae Centre, Dr Alex Eskander, told Metro about some of the dangers of putting a vacuum cleaner where no vacuum cleaner should be:

'It is not possible to stop your period once it has started.

'Vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning the floor and other dirty items, and so harbour bacteria. Vacuum cleaner hoses should not be inserted into the vagina. It’s very important to keep the vulva area clean as introducing external bacteria could lead to infections.'

Dr Shazia Malik from the Portland Hospital for Women and Children also responded to the bizarre medical claims in another interview and said that it would be, 'completely unsafe. Not just unsafe, but downright dangerous.'

'You could end up with genital trauma,' she continued. 'You could damage your cervix and end up in excruciating pain.'

It is pretty much unanimously agreed upon by all medical professionals that you should not be vacuuming anything out of anywhere in your body with your vacuum, especially not your genitals! And it goes without saying that the fact that this needs to be highlighted to people is more terrifying than any medical horror story I've ever read about.  

Hopefully, this is just a one-off incident that passes quickly into extinction! The blood blisters, uterus perforation and/or tearing, and sudden blood loss caused by hoovering your uterus can send the body into shock and can cause infection, immense pain and loss of consciousness! So please, don't go vacuuming your vulva!

What do you make of this bizarre story? Have you ever heard of anything like this happening before? Let me know in the comments below! AAx