Despicable Boyfriend Rubs Red-Hot Chili Pepper In Girlfriends Tampon In Cruel Prank


Every couple is guilty of pranking their significant other. Whether it's as simple as stealing the chips off their plate or sneaking up and scaring them senseless, most pranks are the perfect, passive aggressive way to say "I love you".

However, the internet (as per freakin’ usual!) has found a way to spoil what was a fun thing and make it an entirely terrible, upsetting and controversial thing.

Whereas couples in my day used to play pranks that involved tapping your crushes shoulder and then scurrying to the other side of them to communicate just how in love, and full of witticism you were, things these days have taken a darker turn...

"Youtube star", Brad Holmes made a viral video pranking his girlfriend. The prank involved Holmes rubbing his girlfriend's tampon with a chilli pepper, when his girlfriend came to use the tampon she suffered (as you would imagine) extreme pain.

Needless to say, disgraceful behavior. 

Only someone without a vagina, who had never had to use a tampon, would think this was a joke.

It is so freakin’ sensitive down there! What is wrong with people?! If this guy truly loved and respected his girlfriend there is no way he would put her through this kind of agony!

Thankfully, the viral video seems to have been deleted from most social media platforms (thank God!) so the girlfriend does not have to suffer any further embarrassment from her boyfriends terrible behaviour.

The video, reportedly, showed Holmes' girlfriend in pain, claiming that her private parts felt as though they were "on fire". The video then showed the poor woman, partially naked, trying to wash the effected area.

And Holmes recorded the entire thing because... well because (I think it's safe to assume) he's a gigantic idiot and doesn't deserve any of his internet fame, any kind of girlfriend or any messages of solidarity over this truly disgusting "prank".

Some of those who commented about the video pointed out that the video could have been faked, and that there was no guarantee that the events hadn't been scripted. Maybe the girlfriend's suffering was only acted?

I suppose it would be encouraging if the whole thing was pretend, only in so far as, it’s nice to know some poor girl didn’t get her bits burned off by some dope who didn’t deserve her…

(Image Credit: Kidspot)

Otherwise, it's horrible to think that the "reality" of the situation is left to the viewer. If the prank was staged then why does Holmes' social media not make any mention of that?

Even if the thing was faked, if the average viewer doesn't know that then a serious problem arises. Boyfriends the world over could carry out this behavior "because they saw somebody else do it". It's so concerning and not at all funny.

However, it is encouraging to know that the majority of commentators were appalled by what they saw and made their feelings know. 

That the video is now notoriously difficult to view attests to the idea that others found it a disgusting, disrespectful piece of footage.

(Image Credit: Kidspot)

My only hope is that the boys mother saw it before it was taken down. If I ever found out my child had behaved in this way, so help me, they would be grounded until their 50th birthday.

What do you think of this so-called “prank”, folks? Can you see the funny side of this or do you think it’s just plain wrong?? Let me know in the comments! AAx