Diana And Doria: Five Ways The Grandmothers Will Influence Harry and Meghan's Baby


Meghan and Harry's baby is due any day now! And as the due date approaches, we're taking a moment to reflect on the wonderful women who came before the baby...

Princess Diana, though she has very sadly passed, remains the Princess of our hearts and the grandmother of Harry's baby.

And then there's Meghan's mum, Doria...

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It's not hard to see where Meghan gets it, Doria is simply glowing in this photo. Which brings us neatly onto our first prediction of how these two grandmothers will influence baby Sussex...

1. Style

Diana was the princess of many things and polka dots were no exception! Diana wore some truly beautiful garments in her time and has become recognized as a fashion icon. We don't doubt that Meghan and Harry will be referring to her former looks when dressing the royal baby with elegance and grace. Baby Sussex will have some big (but super stylish!) shoes to fill!


Brace yourselves for a seriously adorable and fancy child...

2. Strength

Far more important than how somebody freakin' looks! The royal baby has a pair of grandmother's who are ridiculously resilient!

However, Diana held her head high. She composed herself with grace and defended her beloved children, William and Harry, from the media spotlight as they grew up.

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Doria has no end of strength. Meghan is clearly a strong, independent woman and it's no doubt down to her role model Momma. Doria works as a social worker and will have garnered serious emotional strength working with those most vulnerable in society.


3. Kindness

Diana's philanthropy has become synonymous with her name. She did a whole host of charitable work and ensured that she used her platform and wealth for the benefit of others. Though the world was not always kind to her, she was always kind to the world.

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Doria's social work demonstrates what a kind woman she is. I love this photo of her and Meghan on the day of the royal wedding, Doria's eyes are just glistening with pride. She's so happy for her daughter, it's a joy to see.

4. Grounding

Neither Diana nor Doria were born royal. Diana ensured William and Harry were raised 'like normal kids' as much as possible, not being from a royal background allowed her to relate to "normal" people and "normal" life. We bet the royal baby will have similar lessons taught and learn all about Diana's fun-loving side.

Doria, also not born royal, can offer insights into the "real world" and raise the baby to appreciate the importance of hard work. As well as social work Doria is a yoga instructor! She's sure to be helping the royal baby to find new hobbies and leave the crown on the shelf for a bit!

5. Presence

"I hope she's looking down, you know, with ... tears in her eyes, being incredibly proud of what we've established," he said. "I hope that everything we do privately and officially ... that it makes her proud."

Though, of course, Diana cannot see her grandchild in the flesh Harry certainly carries her memory. In 2016 he told ABC news:

I'm sure she is.

How else do you think these two wonderful women will influence their grandchild? What can Harry and Meghan learn from Doria and Diana? Let us know in the comments! AAx