Diana's Astrologer Condemns 'Cautious' Kate, But Praises 'Firecraker' Meghan

Diana’s Astrologer Condemns ‘Cautious’ Kate, But Praises ‘Firecraker’ Meghan

Diana’s Astrologer Condemns ‘Cautious’ Kate, But Praises ‘Firecraker’ Meghan

    In a recent interview with Royal Box, Princess Diana’s personal friend and astrologer suggested that Kate Middleton has ‘very little in common’ with Diana, but Meghan would have had ‘a lot in common’ with the people’s Princess.

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    Debbie Frank (below), Princess Diana’s astrologer and friend, said in her interview that Meghan Markle is, ‘a complete firecracker of a girl – a throwback to the days of the Queen Mother, we’ve got a big showstopper there.’ She also praised Meghan’s drive:

    “Meghan’s a tour de force; she’s all about the Meghan Markle brand. She’s a very different person from Kate.”

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    This is sure to be great news for the Duchess of Sussex, who kind of needs all the help she can get at the moment with the press’s constantly divided opinion on her. However, the Duchess of Cambridge came out less than favorably in the interview.

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    Frank suggested that Kate Middleton and Princess Diana probably wouldn’t have gotten on well together due to Kate Middleton being a little more cautious and straight-laced:

    “Diana really warmed to people who were relaxed with her. Hopefully, she could have got Kate to relax a bit more […] They don’t have much in common except they married two brothers and have married in this role – this job.”

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    Frank did offer a positive spin on her comment saying, ‘Kate’s a person who’s careful and cautious; she’s going to do things properly and slowly and think about them.’ However, she must be aware of how much traction news about Diana garners, so to use her name in such a way as to pass judgment on two people she probably barely knows feels a little irresponsible.

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    The interview has gained a lot of traction due to the fact that it paints Meghan in a much more positive light than Kate, who is typically seen as the royal who can do no wrong; and, much as I may sort of agree that I like how Meghan is more of her own woman, I wouldn’t dream of having a go at Kate for towing the royal line at all! Simply because, Kate was dropped into this media orientated life with no prior experience, Meghan, on the other hand, was a prominent actress so is therefore used to such prolific media attention.

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    Debbie Frank met Princess Diana in 1989 and the pair had regular contact until the Princess’ death in 1997, the pair would meet and talk about the royal family’s star signs.