Relieve Joint Pain

VapoRub is an analgesic that, in effect, numbs nerve endings. That means you can use Vicks for all kinds of aches and pains – especially joints. So if you have a sports injury or even just a bit of backache from your day-to-day life, applying some VapoRub can really help out. If it persists, however, you should contact a doctor.

Remove Eye Makeup

Makeup remover can be shockingly expensive, even if the core ingredients are the same. That’s because every makeup company applies its own branding, including claims that its remover is uniquely effective. Not so! In fact, you can even use VapoRub to get rid of dried, caked-on makeup – all you need is a cotton pad. Just like regular makeup remover, however, make sure to avoid getting any in your eyes.

Aromatherapy through a Humidifier

What if you could passively enjoy the decongestion and freshness of VapoRub all day long? Well, if you have a humidifier that normally uses essential oils, you can! Just add some Vicks in the usual compartment of your device and you can breathe happy.

Relieve Itchy Skin

Itchy skin can be one of the most irritating things – and your children, who might have tumbled in some poison ivy while playing outside, probably lack the restraint to not scratch and make everything worse. VapoRub will offer quick relief to the itching sensation as well as prominent redness.

Remove Splinters

You definitely won’t have thought of this before! Everyone, at some point, has had a painful and annoying splinter lodged in their hands or feet, and everyone knows the hassle of trying to remove it with tweezers. You might even drive the splinter deeper. By applying VapoRub to the affected area, you can not only enjoy some pain relief, but the moisture in the gel serves to naturally pull the splinter from the skin.

Cover Up Smells

The best way to eliminate bad odors is to go straight to the source. But if you can’t get to that source for long enough because of the overwhelming stench, then Vicks can help. By applying some VapoRub directly beneath your nose, you can ward off nasty smells until you can deal with the problem.

Relieve Burns from Cooking

Even the most conscientious chef has been burned before, whether through forgetfulness, spitting oil, or other mishaps. That’s why it’s always a good idea to keep some Vicks on hand – literally! Along with following typical first aid procedures (such as running the burned area under cold water to quickly reduce heat), apply VapoRub twice daily to hasten the healing.

Use as Moisturizer

When selecting a moisturizer, it’s best to keep it simple. You don’t need charcoal rubs or crazy chemicals – just use Vicks! You’ll feel and look fresh, and you can know exactly what you’re applying to your skin.

Test It First

You should know that using VapoRub isn’t for everyone. Before soaking yourself in the stuff, make sure to test a small sample on the underside of your wrist. If you see any welts or redness, you’ll know that you’re allergic and can avoid a more serious reaction.

Deal with Dry Scalp

You might never have thought of VapoRub as a hair-care product. If that’s the case, your whole world is about to be turned upside-down. If you have a dry or itchy scalp, Vicks can help – simply apply before bed and wash it out the next morning; you’ll feel the benefits in only a few days.

Help Heal Bruises

Bruises are discolorations and inflammations that appear on the skin as a result of burst blood vessels, typically from blunt force impacts. Being an analgesic, Vicks can reduce this inflammation and expedite the healing process.

Chapped Lips

This is where the menthol in VapoRub really comes into its own: you can heal chapped lips and enjoy fresher breath by applying a small amount of gel. For the best and quickest results, use it twice daily after food.


Are you a little more accident-prone than you’d care to admit? Many of us end up with small nicks and scrapes throughout the day and don’t even remember where they came from. If that sounds familiar, then VapoRub could really help you out – since it functions as an antiseptic, Vicks is great for cleaning up wounds and staving off infections.

Get Rid of Nail Fungus

Think about everything you touch. Whether it’s elevator buttons, door handles, or bus seats, there’s a lot of gross and unhygienic stuff out there that contributes to the spread of fungal infections underneath your nails. Thankfully, VapoRub can help eliminate nail fungus if you apply it a few times a day. If your nails get darker in the short-term, don’t worry – that just shows it’s working.

Reduce Muscle Pain

If every gym bunny knew about this, the world would be a much happier place. That’s right: VapoRub is great at reducing muscle inflammation incurred by working out. You don’t need madcap ointments or near-cryogenic ice baths to feel relief – just apply some VapoRub to the affected area and enjoy your isotonic drink and protein powder in peace.

Sunburn Relief

You wouldn’t wish sunburn on your worst enemy. Not only is it unsightly, but it makes even moving and wearing clothes almost unbearable in the worst cases. VapoRub deals with this accursed condition in three ways: it reduces redness, reduces inflammation, and moisturizes skin that’s been dried out by the sun’s rays.

Remove Your Lipstick

Most lipsticks today market themselves with the boast of incredible staying power, meaning you don’t need to be constantly reapplying them. Overall, this is obviously a good thing – but it can make removing your lipstick at the end of the day a bit of a hassle. Simply apply a thin layer of VapoRub, however, and, after a few minutes, even the most stubborn lipstick will wipe away like nothing.

Acne Medication

Got an important meeting with a new client, or just going out on the town with friends? Even the most well-prepared individual can have their occasion ruined by the sudden appearance of acne; anything you do can seem to irritate the area and make everything worse. VapoRub, however, works to reduce redness and inflammation, meaning you can walk tall knowing your acne is under control.

Wart Relief

Let’s face it: getting a wart makes you feel like an ugly, old witch. But it doesn’t have to be this way: apply some VapoRub to the affected area and bind it with a bandage. The ointment will soak into the wart and diminish it until it’s gone completely. If it remains after a week, though, you should consult your doctor.

Insect Repellant

Going on vacation to sunnier climes? You’ll need some insect repellant. But, given the restrictions on liquids on airplanes, and precious luggage space, it would be great if you could combine insect repellant and skincare into a single bottle… Well, you can! Most insects can’t abide the powerful menthol smell of VapoRub, meaning it can double as a moisturizer and mosquito bane.

Brighten and Tighten Skin

You might already use VapoRub to decongest your sinuses and enjoy a better night’s sleep – but you shouldn’t limit the application to your chest and nose. In fact, you could reap the benefits of VapoRub’s moisturizing qualities by applying it to the so-called crows’ feet around your eyes as well as other area of tight skin.

Stretch Marks

While childbirth is beautiful, many women become insecure about the weight gain and stretch marks associated with pregnancy. It’s not a perfect cure, but VapoRub can reduce discoloration and inflammation and make you feel comfortable in your skin once more.

DIY Bath Bomb

This one really is a bit of a life hack: there’s no need to buy expensive bath bombs, whether as gifts or a bit of luxury. You can make your own using VapoRub! All you need is the Vicks, two tablespoons of water, and half a cup of cornstarch to bind it. Mix until you’ve created a smooth paste, form into balls (whether by hand or using a mold), allow them to set, and voila!

New Method

Everyone deserves to be pampered now and then – and there are few things more relaxing than bathing your feet in warm water. Why not heighten the experience by mixing in some VapoRub? Some say this method works even better than applying the gel directly to your chest.

Eczema and Rosacea

We need to begin this point with a little note: if your skin is susceptible to conditions like eczema and rosacea, make sure to test any product that comes into contact with the affected areas before applying liberally. That said, in most cases VapoRub will offer incredible relief for these conditions, reducing redness and inflammation.

Relieve Dry Feet

Vicks isn’t just for your chest: it can really work wonders on the soles of your feet, too. All you need to do is apply some VapoRub and then wear socks while you sleep. The sensation can be a little odd, but you won’t argue with the results!

Migraine Relief

In many ways, it’s still unclear what causes migraines and how best to treat them. Unfortunately, while science continues to investigate, those who suffer are left searching for temporary pain relief until the headaches pass. If you’re sick of popping paracetamol, however, you could instead opt for more holistic relief with VapoRub. Simply rub on to the temples, and the menthol will soothe your senses.

Aloe Is Good Too

Looking for something even more natural than VapoRub? You can also use aloe vera for all kinds of medicinal purposes! That’s right – it’s not just for making toilet paper soft!

Natural Shaving Cream

There’s something undeniably unsettling about something that comes in a can. That’s even true of shaving cream, so you might opt for a more natural alternative. Step forward aloe vera – not only does it perform a very similar function, but it moisturises your face as you shave. No more irritated skin from your razor!

Skin Exfoliation

Aloe vera’s cleansing properties make it a great fit for your exfoliation routine. You’ll be rubbing away that dead skin and cleaning out your pores at the same time. There’s no better way to feel fresh!

Hair Mask

When it comes to hair masks, you don’t need an expensive branded product (undoubtedly full of chemicals) to get voluminous, glossy hair. Simply combine three teaspoons of aloe gel, one teaspoon of honey, two teaspoons of yogurt, and a teaspoon of olive oil. Apply to your scalp and let it sit for 30 minutes, then wash it out – the incredible richness of minerals and nutrients in the ingredients will totally revitalize your hair.

Eyebrow Gel

Thick, bushy eyebrows are very much on-trend nowadays, brought back into the spotlight by celebrities like Cara Delevingne. But you don’t need Hollywood-grade products to keep your brows nourished. That’s right: all you need is aloe vera! Apply to your eyebrows with a cotton swab and see them revivified in a matter of days.

Improve Digestive Health

Aloe vera isn’t just good for the outside of your body – it’s also great for your gut! Aloe vera juice can aid digestion because of its high enzyme content, helping to break down fats and sugars. Just make sure that you buy unsweetened juice, or you’ll be consuming precisely what you’re looking to avoid.

Heartburn Relief

You might have heard of ‘free radicals.’ No, it’s not an outdated political term from the Iran-Contra scandal; it’s a term for ‘loose’ atoms that bounce around your body and cause damage to cells, potentially even causing cancer. Aloe vera water can supposedly help neutralise these free radicals and slow down the aging process. That’s disputed, but what’s concretely true is that it helps strengthen the immune system, and its gentle alkali properties can reduce heartburn.

Alternative to Mouthwash

Do you find mouthwash too harsh on sensitive teeth? You can feel the benefit of an oral cleanse without those intense ingredients, all thanks to aloe vera. Mix one and a half teaspoons of baking soda, half a cup of distilled water, and half a cup of aloe vera juice to create a natural mouthwash. You could even add a few drops of essential oil to make your breath fresher for longer.

Lower Your Blood Sugar

High blood sugar is one of the leading causes of heart problems among the elderly. But there’s an easy (and tasty!) way to keep it low. Ingest two tablespoons of aloe vera juice each day, and studies have shown that your blood sugar will lower over time.

Natural Laxative

Bunged up? Aloe vera is an excellent natural laxative, and ingesting aloe vera gel is sure to get things moving again. However, if you have more serious and long-term digestive issues – such as Crohn’s Disease – consult a doctor before changing your lifestyle.

Fight Dandruff

By applying aloe vera gel to the scalp, or even simply washing your hair in aloe vera water, you can reduce dandruff and itchiness of the scalp such that it’s no longer a blight on your day. Sometimes the solution really is that simple!

Treat Skin Abrasions

Historically, aloe vera was first considered as a medicinal plant through its use in poultices in wounds – a substance that would aid in healing and ward off infection. Today, aloe vera can serve much the same purpose. Do note that while it can help in pain relief and keep a wound sanitary, this is no substitute for actual medical care in the case of severe wounds.