Help Heal Bruises

Bruises are discolorations and inflammations that appear on the skin as a result of burst blood vessels, typically from blunt force impacts. Being an analgesic, Vicks can reduce this inflammation and expedite the healing process.

Chapped Lips

This is where the menthol in VapoRub really comes into its own: you can heal chapped lips and enjoy fresher breath by applying a small amount of gel. For the best and quickest results, use it twice daily after food.


Are you a little more accident-prone than you’d care to admit? Many of us end up with small nicks and scrapes throughout the day and don’t even remember where they came from. If that sounds familiar, then VapoRub could really help you out – since it functions as an antiseptic, Vicks is great for cleaning up wounds and staving off infections.

Get Rid of Nail Fungus

Think about everything you touch. Whether it’s elevator buttons, door handles, or bus seats, there’s a lot of gross and unhygienic stuff out there that contributes to the spread of fungal infections underneath your nails. Thankfully, VapoRub can help eliminate nail fungus if you apply it a few times a day. If your nails get darker in the short-term, don’t worry – that just shows it’s working.

Reduce Muscle Pain

If every gym bunny knew about this, the world would be a much happier place. That’s right: VapoRub is great at reducing muscle inflammation incurred by working out. You don’t need madcap ointments or near-cryogenic ice baths to feel relief – just apply some VapoRub to the affected area and enjoy your isotonic drink and protein powder in peace.

Sunburn Relief

You wouldn’t wish sunburn on your worst enemy. Not only is it unsightly, but it makes even moving and wearing clothes almost unbearable in the worst cases. VapoRub deals with this accursed condition in three ways: it reduces redness, reduces inflammation, and moisturizes skin that’s been dried out by the sun’s rays.

Remove Your Lipstick

Most lipsticks today market themselves with the boast of incredible staying power, meaning you don’t need to be constantly reapplying them. Overall, this is obviously a good thing – but it can make removing your lipstick at the end of the day a bit of a hassle. Simply apply a thin layer of VapoRub, however, and, after a few minutes, even the most stubborn lipstick will wipe away like nothing.

Acne Medication

Got an important meeting with a new client, or just going out on the town with friends? Even the most well-prepared individual can have their occasion ruined by the sudden appearance of acne; anything you do can seem to irritate the area and make everything worse. VapoRub, however, works to reduce redness and inflammation, meaning you can walk tall knowing your acne is under control.

Wart Relief

Let’s face it: getting a wart makes you feel like an ugly, old witch. But it doesn’t have to be this way: apply some VapoRub to the affected area and bind it with a bandage. The ointment will soak into the wart and diminish it until it’s gone completely. If it remains after a week, though, you should consult your doctor.

Insect Repellant

Going on vacation to sunnier climes? You’ll need some insect repellant. But, given the restrictions on liquids on airplanes, and precious luggage space, it would be great if you could combine insect repellant and skincare into a single bottle… Well, you can! Most insects can’t abide the powerful menthol smell of VapoRub, meaning it can double as a moisturizer and mosquito bane.

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