Would You Survive A Disaster Movie? Answer These Questions To Find Out

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Let's be real: almost everyone secretly has a plan for if the zombie apocalypse comes along. Whether it's locking down inside an abandoned Costco or finding a spot deep in the woods to build a new life, almost everyone believes that they'd be able to turn into a post-apocalyptic hero simply by growing their hair out, putting on a bandana and heading out into the wilderness.

However, whether the threat is something supernatural like zombies, terrifying like a natural disaster or just downright silly like a tornado carrying sharks, the skills you need to survive are pretty much the same. If you can make a meal without using a microwave or consulting a Nigella Lawson cookbook, can find your way around without Google Maps and know how to tell the difference between blackberries and ivy berries, then you're going to have a higher chance of survival than someone who lives off meal delivery services and only goes outside to play Pokemon Go.

The good news is, this quiz will test your survival instincts in all sorts of varied scenarios, so you can test your skill level in response to everything from shambling undead to a plain old earthquake. If you survive? Great! You can stop watching episodes of Doomsday Preppers and stay safe in the knowledge that you'd be okay. If you don't? It might be time to break out the Bear Grylls videos and remind yourself how to tie the right knots, make a fire from scratch, and how to tell the tasty leaves from the poisonous ones.

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