Disgusting Moment Two Women Vandalize WW1 Memorial In Front Of Their Kids


If you're easily prone to anger, you may not want to continue reading. However, if you're in the mood to get a little rage-filled... you'll definitely want to continue reading.

It's been reported that a couple of women in Lincolnshire, which is a small eastern county in England, United Kingdom, have recently come under quite a heavy amount of fire after they were caught scraping their own names into the wet cement beneath a brand new memorial bench which commemorates all First World War heroes.

Yep, I know, disgusting.


A few photos were published last week, and they show the pair in the act of spelling out their names, "Shell" and "Jane" beneath the memorial bench in Horncastle, Lincolnshire. To make the matter even more disgusting, from the photos you can clearly see two children - who are believed to be the children of these two vandals - watching them defile this amazing commemorative piece.

"Only yesterday they were putting this bench in, already being spoilt by some idiot."

A number of pictures which were taken of the unscrupulous pair were quickly shared onto the Horncastle Community Page created on Facebook, one of which was a close-up of the horrible aftermath, followed by the accurate caption of:

You'll be glad to hear, however, that according to the Metro (which is a news outlet in the UK), police have already quizzed at least one mum in relation to the incident in question, and are continuing to investigate further in order to find out who exactly is responsible for this moral crime.

"Perhaps she should do some community service for some of the veterans, and hear their stories of what they fought for so that we have what we have today. Educate the uneducated!"

In the meantime, hordes of angry locals have taken to social media in order to share their complete disdain for the women, and have been demanding that they be found and should be held responsible for cleaning up the disrespectful mess they themselves made.

One woman wrote:

While another raged:

A third commenter also added:

"The bench is fine but the writing in the concrete is obviously not supposed to be there. It is disappointing that this happened."

And as it turns out, it's not just the locals who were more than less than impressed.  Even Horncastle's mayor Brian Burbidge threw in his two cents and offered up his thoughts about the whole incident, sharing his complete and utter disappointment.

Disappointing INDEED.

It truly is a sad day when you're reminded just how many uneducated, ignorant, disrespectful people there can be out there. Hopefully, these two women will be found soon and not only be made to pay for their disrespect but also educated on why what they've done is such a moral crime!

Be sure to share this with all your friends and families, in order to remind them just how important it is to honor the fallen heroes from all walks of life who sacrificed so much for all of us to be able to live the way we do now! x