Does Your Dog Do These 20 Weird Things? Well There's A Reason Why


Dogs, I freakin' love them. I've never met a dog I never liked, whereas I meet people I don't like every freakin' day. One of the things I like most about dogs is the fact that they can be SUPER weird sometimes.


However, there is a lot of science behind the different positions you find your dog in from time to time, so I've listed the 20 most common ones below for you. Enjoy!

1. Puppy Dog Eyes

Possibly one of the most adorable things your dog will do to you (and usually ensures they get an extra treat!) But the most adorable thing about this is that it genuinely means that he loves and trusts you very much.

2. Belly Curl

A dog who sleeps on his belly with his paws either tucked up beneath him or by his side means they aren't getting good quality sleep - they can't reach REM because in this position their muscles can't properly relax.

3. "Passed Out" 

When your pup is passed out completely, meaning they're laying on their back with their limbs drooping onto of themselves, it probably means they're overheating - and this the best way for them to cool off! Also, if both paws are draped across its chest, it means "leave me alone!"

4. Staring

You will notice even low maintenance dogs have a need for your attention. Here again, intense staring is not her way of being creepy. She just wants your affection.

5. Tongue Out

When a dog has its tongue lolling out of its mouth, it's a sign that they are super relaxed, happy and mellow!

6. Intense Eye Contact

Who doesn’t want to be the focus of a loved one’s attention? If you have a dog and he is making intense eye contact with you, he is focused on you and you alone. He is very alert of what you want and how you're feeling!

7. Baring teeth, ears back and snarling

Obviously, your dog is angry and feeling aggressive. They're probably feeling threatened and they're giving you a warning, so do your best not to approach them!

8. Rising Bark


This particular bark means it's playtime! It'll start off with a low bark and get higher as the bark continues because your little pooch cannot contain their excitement!

9. Howling

Usually, when a dog hears a high-pitched sound, like a siren or train whistle, they howl back. It is unclear if this is because they are annoyed, or it is causing their ears discomfort.

10. Crazy Legs/Dead Bug

If your dog is sleeping with all his limbs sticking up in the air (resembling a dead bug) it means that he is submissive and vulnerable. Not all dogs sleep like this, but if yours does it means they're a very independent pup and they're super comfortable in their own surroundings!

11. Superman

When a dog is sprawled out and laying on his belly, he is probably an energetic animal that has finally crashed. Most often puppies sleep like this, it allows them to pop back up and resume play time when they awake!

12. Squinting or blinking of the eyes

Now... they're not suspicious of you! This look means your pet wants attention and is ready to spend quality time with you. If you notice this behavior, check yourself. Make sure to make time to have fun with your pet!

13. Awaiting Your Approval

If you find your furry best friend looking at you before he is about to do something, this means he respects and desires your opinion. He understands you are in charge and does not like to upset you... so sweet!

14.  The Fox

When a dog’s paws are underneath her and her tail is wrapped around to her face, she is probably cold. This position allows her to keep as much heat in as possible... so it's basically the total opposite of the "Passed Out" position.


15.  Sleeping Back to Back

It’s so cute when you see two dogs sleeping back to back! It’s even sweeter when they sleep back to back with their owners! A dog will only do this with one of his “pack” members that he 100% trusts.

16.  Bringing Gifts

If your dog brings you a gift, whether it’s a dead animal (yayyyy) or your shoe, they are trying to make you happy. No matter what it is, a gift is a gift and remember to always smile even if it's gross!

17. Post Dinner Cuddles

When a dog wants to snuggle up after a big meal, she is very comfortable with you... so congratulations, you are the chosen one!


18. Licking

Some people allow their pet to lick their faces while others get grossed out if they even lick their hands (monsters,  I like to call them). Either way, when a dog licks you he is being submissive. He is easing some of his stress and showing you love at the same time, so enjoy it!

19. Helping Themselves To Your Bed

Ever come home to find your dog laying in your empty bed? This is a sign she wants to feel close to you when you were not there. Your bed has your scent, and well, it is rather comfortable... try not to get too mad at them if you're usually against this!

20. Butt-Sniffing

 Why do they do this? A dog sniffing a butt is basically like a human shaking a hand. They are saying, “Hey! it’s nice to meet you.” They are also trying to get to know the other dog or person they are sniffing, so it may look gross but it is very important for a dog to do!




So what do you think folks, does your fur-baby do any of these weird things? Did you know what they meant before reading this? Are there other weird things that your pet does? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to share this with your friends and family, especially if they have a pooch of their own! x