Dog Can't Eat Normally Without Choking, So Family Build Her A Customized Chair


As it turns out, the dog in question is named Daisy, who belongs to married couple Doug and Grace Jones. A few years ago, Daisy was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called myasthenia gravis. The disease causes a number of symptoms, including muscular-skeletal weaknesses.

The vet believed that this ailment led to another condition in Daisy, called megaesophagus - a disorder that causes an enlarged esophagus and makes it difficult for the dog to eat food and drink water. As the esophagus struggles to push the food and liquids down into the stomach, it can make life very difficult for a dog, and makes eating food a big choking hazard.

That’s why the vet informed the family that they’d have to use a special mechanism called a Bailey Chair to help Daisy out with her meals. The family quickly set about building their pet a customized chair, making it the right size and as comfortable as possible, since Daisy would need to eat all her meals and sit in it for a while afterwards.

Daisy loved the chair, and quickly learned how to use it, even going as far as lowering the little tray with her own paws. Every day, when it was time to eat, Daisy happily hopped in the chair without fuss, eagerly awaiting some munch.

Sadly, Daisy’s owner, Grace, shared a heartbreaking message back in June. On a Facebook group titled “Upright Canine Brigade – Megaesophagus Awareness and Support” Jones broke the news of Daisy’s passing, saying:

“It’s taken me a couple of weeks to be able to write this. My Daisy passed away on Christmas Eve morning. We are heartbroken. We are grateful to have had 16 additional months with her after her diagnosis and are grateful for the suggestions and support we received from this group. My vet has her chair which will be used by a local pup.”

The family also shared the sad news to Twitter, which prompted a bunch of sympathetic dog owners around the world to share photos of their own megaesophagus pups.


I'm sure these nice tweets were of some comfort to Doug and Grace, but it's still incredibly painful to lose your beloved dog. Rest in peace, Daisy. I know you're eating the finest cuts up in Doggy Heaven.