Dog In Japan Hilariously 'Ruins' Google Earth Photographs By Chasing After Google Street View Van


Dogs are great, technology is great... combine the two? You get a whole mess of adorable greatness rolled into one!

Google Street View is a super useful, super fun feature everybody can use as part of Google tools which allows people from all over the world to explore... well, all over the world from the comfort of their very own homes! It's pretty darn amazing. You can see places you would never even know exist, and see sights you'd never in a million years thought you'd see. In fact, sometimes it can even catch something crazy that even Google didn't know they'd ever think they'd see!

Added to that is this episode from Japan, when a plucky little dog decided that it would give chase to the camera car!

The brave and slightly unhinged pup has become an instant hit in Japan, with the district of Kumage, in Kagoshima Prefecture, suddenly becoming a popular search subject on Google Street View... because let's be honest, who doesn't love a good doggo picture, whatever the form!? How the scene was first found is a mystery... it must have taken a LOT of effort on somebodies part.

I mean, are there people out there scouring every inch of the Earth from their desktops, searching for weird and hilarious scenes? We can only hope so... and here's hoping even more adorable (and hilarious) images are found very soon!

Scroll down to check out the images for yourself, and if you want to check out the Street view, you can do so here.

(h/t: Sora News 24)

Google’s Street View car, which you yourself may have seen driving around your local area at some point, was driving taking pictures of the Kumage district in Japan’s Kagoshima Prefecture...

Pretty dull looking, right? Nothing out of the ordinary. Well, at least, it was, up until this curious pup spotted the vehicle too.

Obviously, in need of some fun and adventure, the plucky pup in question immediately began to give chase to the Google vehicle... and it is truly adorable!

He looks so happy! And he runs so freakin' quickly!

He was also pulling a variety of facial expressions, going from goofy to playful to slightly unhinged... more importantly, he looks like he's having the time of his life!

What was running through the mind of this adorable little four-legged Roadrunner and what exactly he hoped to achieve during his chasing endeavor we shall never know. But I'm glad the Google Cam Car showed up in order to make his day!

And I guess none of us will ever find out exactly what happened when the Google vehicle came up to a dead end... personally I hope whoever was driving got out and gave the little guy a good ole scratch behind the ears for his (or her!) amazing effort.

Alas, with the pup still bounding down the street manically in hot pursuit, with no sign of giving up any time soon whatsoever, maybe they turned back around and let him (or her) chase them back the opposite way!