Dog Owner Dyes Her Great Dane PINK In Order To Make Her More Approachable

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Jessica noticed that, when she was out in public, people were often apprehensive, even scared, of her dogs due to their size. She wanted to see if some cosmetic changes to one of the dogs would make it appear a bit less intimidating The 21-year-old, from Kentucky, decided to take her five-month-old pup, Drama, to the pet groomers and had her dyed pink and purple.

She said: "People are generally scared of big dogs, and I've noticed that some people might not approach my dogs as much as little ones. With them being dyed it makes it easier to socialize them, because not nearly as many people are afraid - especially when they're pink and purple."

She also explained how the sight of such an animal can make someone else's day:

"It also means that Drama can be the reason someone smiles, and they would be more eager to walk up to us and ask to pet them. And alongside her short, pink nails, it makes it clear to people that she isn't going to do any harm!"

Owning big dogs is expensive as it is, and Drama's makeover set Jessica back an extra $100, but apparently the pampered pooch is worth every penny.

"Even though Drama has only been dyed once, I am definitely hooked," she added.

After receiving a lot of heat online, she also wanted to clarify that the dog was not being physically harmed by the dye job:

"We make sure that a safe dye is being used on her and she loves the experience - it's like she's having her own spa day. Unfortunately, Drama is colorblind, so can't see just how fabulous she looks, but everyone else definitely thinks she is!"

As far as Jessica is concerned, this isn't a one-off, either.

"As soon as her dye starts to fade I will definitely be taking her back to the groomers to have it done again, she looks great."

Although Jessica is ecstatic with her pup's new look, she said Drama's pink and purple dye has received a whole host of mixed reactions online. Some people have said the new look is a great idea, while others have argued it's cruel.

She said: "Most people love it, but others hate it and think she's embarrassed.

"A lot of people don't realize that the dye being used is really safe so start to think it's cruel, so I make sure I tell everyone that it's a safe dye and doesn't harm Drama at all."

"I've had complaints about painting and trimming her nails too, but I always make sure Drama is comfortable and a good dog owner should always take care of their pooches feet."

She explained just how heated things had got online once she posted the pictures:

"I've even received death threats about the fact I dye my dog - but in reality all of my dogs are spoiled more than most adults!"

What do you make of this, folks? Harmless fun, or irresponsible ownership? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, but keep it civil!

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