Dog Owners Warned About Tennis Balls With Hidden Razor Blades Inside Of Them


Are you a pet owner who loves their pet so freakin' much that you have sworn to seek vengeance on anyone or anything who wishes to bring harm to them in any way, shape or form? Well folks, prepare to sharpen those pitchforks and put your vengeance boots on, because there is a MONSTER on the loose (although personally, I feel as though the term monster is going way too easy) and they are after our precious, four-legged family members. 

Unfortunately, this isn't some sick joke, this is 100% true. Pet owners have been issued a warning after a dog walker found a tennis ball that had a razor blade concealed inside of it. RAZOR. BLADES.

The owner in question found the ball in a park in Greater Manchester on Friday night, and immediately shared a post about it on the local community Facebook group Stockport Crime Watch.

Posting the absolutely horrific image, the person wrote: 

"This ball containing a new razor blade inside was picked up by my dogs in the reeds adjacent to the Knott car park at the far end of Lyme Park at 6.00 pm 24th May..."

Lyme Park in Stockport is popular with dog walkers and managed by the National Trust. Credit: National Trust

"...It has been doctored by someone who evidently has malevolent intentions towards dogs. My puppies carried it back to the car and chewed it up. We found this vicious razor blade inside.

"The pond life responsible may use poison or there may be more doctored balls in the vicinity. The police and the rangers at Lyme Park have been informed and have assigned an incident number IML410822. Please let them know of any further developments.

Please be vigilant - my dogs just found this old ball set [sic] in the reeds hidden for them to find. I even threw it for them! I can't bear to think of the consequences."

People have, understandably, shared their absolute disgust across social media, with many saying that it is in fact not the first time that dogs have been 'targeted' in such a way. Which honestly just makes my blood boil over into a fit of rage. 

One incredulous Facebook user wrote: "This is disgusting. Along with the increase in poisoned meat/bones being reported. What the hell is wrong with people that they would want to harm any dog especially in this disgusting barbaric way!! I really hope those responsible are caught."

Another said: "Sandra thank god you spotted it, it's terrible what humans will do to these poor animals thank god your dog is OK. Scum bags."

Someone else then posted: "It's happened elsewhere where I walk my dogs. I know at least 3 that have needed vets treatment including one of mine broken bottles pushed into the mud, baited balls - not heard about any with blades in yet but wouldn't surprise me."

Dogs are welcome in the park. Credit: Flikr/Steve M Walker

With another infuriated member of the group saying: "What the hell is wrong with people?? Who does that?? My dog regularly finds a stray ball (and loses a few!) and we let him play with it!! May have to think twice in future."

Police are just now reportedly investigating the disgusting and shocking incident, and although no official warnings have been issued from them yet, it's probably always best to check anything your dog picks up on a walk from now on, no matter who you are or where you walk your dog. 

There are many, many sick individuals out there who wish nothing more than to harm these glorious creatures and make everyone as cruel, miserable and deranged as they are! Be vigilant out there folks!

Have you ever come across such a thing before while out waking your beloved pooch? Have you ever been affected by something like this in your own local area? If so then please feel free to let us all know in the comments, and perhaps we can prevent other instances of such a thing cropping up around us! Most importantly, don't forget to share this with your friends and family members too - especially the dog owners who may live around that area! AAx